Monday, February 02, 2009

Asking a couple of favours...

William's stoma output looked settled on Saturday and the consultant said we would go home if it stayed like that for a couple of days. William is very sensitive to such 'fate tempting' comments. One of the Chelsea consultants is famous for ending the Friday ward round with 'have a quiet weekend' to which William almost always did the exact opposite. The most such comment was the night we got the call when we had been discussing whether or not William should be suspended whilst in theatre having his perforated bowel fixed. Another of the Chelsea consultants ended that discussion with 'It doesn't matter anyway, you'll still be waiting in 6 months time.' We all know what happened just a couple of hours later!! Well, saying such a thing about the stoma output was just one of these occasions and William poured out more than ever in the last 24 hours. We are exhausting possible causes and William seems well in himself so we are beginning to reach the conclusion that it is just the way his bowel is at the moment and we need to adjust his protocol from hospitalisation and IV fluids above 1 litre output to 1.5 litres. First, we need to further observe his pattern and make sure it is a safe decision so we will be here a bit longer than a couple more days. It is likely to be the end of this week or beginning of next before we can go (of course, if his stoma output does settle it could be earlier).

There are a couple of things I would love it if you could do for us. The first is quick and easy. William had a lot of post after his transplant and then, of course, it was Christmas. The daily post really cheered him up and he is a bit fed up at the moment. He asked me for some letters at the end of last week but I was hoping we would be home quicker than post would reach us. Now we know we will be here a few more days it would be great if some of you could send him a card or a quick letter.

The address is
William M
Ward 8
Birmingham Children's Hospital
Steelhouse Lane
B4 6NH

The other thing will take a bit more time but will be lots of fun. The lovely people at Live Life Then Give Life are raising money to help them with their organ donation awareness work by asking people to hold a bake sale on Valentine's Day. Please visit their blog here for more info. I would do this but it may be tricky timing if we are only just home so I am hoping some of those who have been following our story here may do one instead.



Molly said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm sorry you're still in BCH - you and Wills must both be very fed up with it now. I can remember how I felt after my transplant when I seemed to have been in for ages and yet didn't seem anywhere near discharge. I hope you don't have to stay in for much longer (fingers crossed).

I will try to get a letter or card in the post for Wills ASAP. I always love getting post when I'm in hospital too :)

I'm sorry but I won't be able to take part in the LLTGL bake sale because I'll be in Japan on Valentine's Day.

Huge hugs,
Moll x x

P.S. I'm currently writing up my medical history for my blog and posting one part each day (the 2nd part went up today), if you get chance to have a look.

Post Pals said...

Hiya, I'll get some post on its way to you. I think there is a huge batch at your usual fwding address including his milkshake book.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Both requests noted!

I hope you are both able to enjoy looking at (or possibly playing in) the beautiful snow.
Take care x

craftyclaire said...

I'm absolutely rubbish at baking so don't think I'd be any help with the bake sale. Had written to Wills when you were home about how it must be nice to be back home butdidn't post it as I came down the next morning to find you were back in hospital. Kept thinking you would be home soonso I'd write when you got back home again but will send something in the post tomorrow.
God Bless and hope to soon be posting to you at home.

Becky said...

Have some post waiting here to send to him, so now I;ve made sure I've got the right address, I'll get it in the post tomorrow! =] xxx

Rebecca said...

Hi Sarah,

I just ordered William a balloon, which should be delivered to him tomorrow (Thurs) by 6 pm.


Becky, Seren & Dylan xxx

craftyclaire said...

Hi didn't manage to get it in the post til today as I needed to go to the post office but hopefully it will be there tomorrow or friday.