Monday, February 09, 2009

Two Sleeps!

William's stoma output is just about borderline OK so we are pressing forward and trying the new feed. The plan is to go home on Wednesday. Two more sleeps! Hooray! We seem to be on the easy path for now and, as long as his output stays down and he grows, we will stay on it. Sure, there will be setbacks along the way but we are on our way now

You make some great friends among other parents here. We have seen a fair bit of a lovely family who are experiencing issues with their child who is 4 years on from her liver and bowel transplant. She had an op to clear a blockage on Saturday morning and was really poorly overnight. She ended up in respiratory distress this morning with crash team and everything. Everyone thought her bowel had burst and she was rushed into theatre. All seemed normal so no-one has any idea what caused her to be so critically unwell this morning. These children are enigmas. We all have to treasure each moment we have with them.


Anonymous said...

Thats great news. Fingers and toes crossed for your return home! x

Anonymous said...

Everything crossed you get home on Wensday x

Molly said...

That's great news Sarah. I hope all continues to go well so you can get home to the rest of your family on Wednesday :)

I think we're lucky to meet such amazing children through the transplant community. Hopefully K will soon be feeling a lot better, she's such a fighter.

Moll x x