Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hot Date?

Thank-you so much those who have sent William cards, letters and bits and bobs to do. He was particularly fed up with life this morning, particularly blood sugars tests, insulin injections and generally being poked and prodded. The post arrived with a big pile for William and it really put a smile back on his face. He is so touched that people care enough to write to thanks.

He is likely to be here another week. Having come to the conclusion that it is unlikely (they never say never) he is experiencing any rejection at the moment and doesn't seem to have any infection, we are not experiementing with his feed. We test his sugar absorption each day and that is fine, fine enough to send his blood sugars up too high as well! Protein is easy to absorb so the finger is pointing at the fat. He has had fat removed from his feed for the next 48 hours and, so far, his output is back to normal. If this remains the case, we will try a different sort of fat. He remains fine in himself but this tweaking takes time and is frustrating.

I have a hot date tonight so watch this space....


craftyclaire said...

You know it is cruel to keep us all in suspense til your next update, you naughty lady :lol:
Glad to hear William is a bit happier.

Molly said...

I'm glad the post has been cheering Wills up :) I'm sorry it looks like you'll be in for another week, but it's good that they want to make sure all is well before they send Wills home. I hope the feeds are easily tweaked.

I'm intrigued by your 'hot date' so will be checking for an update tomorrow ;)

Moll x x

daisymama said...

But Lee Mead has jetted off to LA with his now fiance Denise.......... Stephxxx