Monday, February 16, 2009

The smiles tell it all...

William four days before his transplant

And now!

Look at my rosey cheeks!

So much energy to play

There is lots to say about settling back home after the transplant and so many months away. I will blog about finding my floor (eventually!) under the layers of semi unpacked hospital bags, the struggles with getting William's complex medication regime prescribed, the emotional highs and lows of sorting though all the TPN bits and pieces and IV antibiotics that serve to remind how poorly William was before his transplant. I will get on to all of this but, for now, William's smiles say all that needs to be said!


Aunty P said...

Fab photos - brilliant to see William looking so well and at home. Px

David Quinney Mee said...

Well done you all! Smiles are great - a good barometer of progress and a vital encouragement for those of us who get to enjoy them. Recognise the lack of floor space under half opened bags...we still have some of those from a year ago! (Can't blame all that on hospitals!)
Wonder if the(gentle) bulldozers have moved across those lines of tape outside William's dinosaur cubicle yet?!! Let's hope he's well away from it all for a good long time to come.
Enjoy rebuilding family life, weaving through the slalom of obstacles and diversions back towards each other. May it be a delightful discovery of grace.
David, Rachel, Alice and Lucia.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, just fantastic :-)
Julie x

suzie said...

Priceless those smiles are :D

Soooo good to read you're home Sarah, much love to you all.


Sarah's Mum said...

Save a smile for us on Thursday Wills.
Lots of love, Grandma, Grandad, Hope and Ellie xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow i love them photos, he looks great and so very happy! Hes been such a big boy through all this.

I bet he'l give you more mess on your floors with all the toys he'l be playing with now he's got all this energy!

Love Emma x

Cat said...

SUPER! Love the pics of Wills at home..what a difference in his colour :0)
Well done o the cake bake!!! :0)
The meds and feed regime can be a bit daunting but it soon becomes 2nd nature(you could do it blindfolded honest!)ad it will decrease in time.
huge huggles
Cat x

Anonymous said...

So Pleased to hear that you are home at last!!!! good luck.

Becky said...

Wow - I can't stop grinning at the sight of these photos. Such a happy little boy! All my love, Becky x

Anonymous said...

So pleased for you all.Fingers crossed that the emergencies are behind you now and with luck you can all look to the future without the need to keep peering over your shoulders! I know Hope and Ellie are really excited at the prospect of returning home. Enjoy them. Love to William. Rob @ Nic

Sue said...

So glad you are home at last. look forward to seeing you all very soon,love sue xx

SherryB said...

The photos are fab - it's lovely to see William so smiley and happy.

Molly said...

Hi Sarah,
I just got back from Japan last night and it was fantastic to hear that Wills is home! I'm so pleased that your family are all back together again. The first few weeks at home after a transplant are tricky with getting everything sorted out, but soon things will get easier. The photos are great.
Moll x x