Sunday, February 15, 2009

We are home - an intend to stay here this time!!!

We are home and William is on tip top form!!! This is a quick blog. The house is a tip - I had to put the bags on the piles and clutter that were the remains the unpacking and sorting last time that was cut short so suddenly when Wills became unwell. I have cleared the space to make his feeds and do his meds and that is about it. Paul cooked a curry and I have had a couple of glasses of wine so now I am pretty sleepy. Off to bed then tomorrow is a day of sorting ourselves out.

The last few days in hospital were very reflective and emotional ones for me - more to come but, for now, we are home. Hooray!!!!


Becky said...

Yay!! When you didn't blog for a few days, I was a little worried something might be wrong. But I'm so happy for you - really hope it's permanent this time! =]

Anonymous said...

I'd been looking at your blog and worrying too.
So glad you're home, here's hoping it all goes to plan this time.
Love to you all xxx

craftyclaire said...

I have been hoping and praying that the lack of blogging was due to you going home. Good luck in clearing the mess. So very pleased for you and praying it lasts a long time.

Sarah's Mum said...

See you Thursday.
Lots of love, Mum, Dad, Hope and Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Holly said...

Great news! x

Leon said...

This is fabulous news, Sarah :-D

Anonymous said...

Now hoping that will's now stays out of hospital and can enjoy life at home with his new tummy.

Love Emma sx

Anonymous said...

Yayyy!!! Brilliant news. So pleased for you all-been hoping that it was going to be good news! I hope you settle in swiftly :o)

Aunty P said...

YAH! WOOOOH! FANTASTIC! Now try and stay there this time!!! I'm so, so pleased for you all. You had us all worried not blogging but so glad it was for all the right reasons.
love to you all

daisymama said...

hooooorrrrayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! steph xxxx