Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Mention of the H Word

We are not going anywhere tomorrow as William's stoma output is too high. We are persevering with the feed for another day or two and have increased the medicine to slow down his gut. No more speculation. The next time I mention the H word on this blog will be to say we are already there!!

Meanwhile, we held a bake sale for Live Life The Give Life today and raised over £40. I have some lovely pics trapped on my phone. It was loads of fun and nurses, physios and other families made us cakes to sell and nearly everyone involved in the ward enjoyed the yummy goodies on offer. This is a transplant ward so awareness is high, at the moment there are five children in here recovering from recent transplants and at least two who have had transplants in the past. There are at least another two being assessed for transplants. It was great to be able to introduce Live Life The Give Life to people on both sides of the transplant experience.


Molly said...

I'm sorry it looks like you'll be in hospital for a bit longer. I hope things can be sorted without having to go back to PN though. Fingers crossed.

The bake sale sounds great. It's lovely to take part in events with the ward like that, as everyone is part of a community.

Moll x x

craftyclaire said...

So sorry for you that you have to stay in a bit longer but let's pray that when you do leave it will be for ages.
Sounds like you had a successful bake sale and some much needed fun.

Tinypoppet said...

You are an absolute star. I managed to post one of the pics to facebook (the plus of having a phone that doesn't accept picture messages) so you can steal it off of there and post it to your blog I think?

lots of love xxxx

Live Life Then Give Life said...

Actually even better to that, we've just blogged about you superstars using the pics sent :)



Aunty P said...

so sorry about the H word. it will happen.
well done with the cake sale - love the pics of William ! He looks very serious! Hopefully soon he'll be eating them as well as selling them!
lots of love