Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life is there for the taking

Playing on the quiet side of the playground

Learning what to do with an egg

A walk in the park

Cuddle with Big Sis

Enjoying the winter sun in the garden

Singing and dancing to 'Mama Mia'
(with two sisters, you just have to join in with these things!)

Joining in with family meal times (even it not eating it yet)

Rediscovering long forgotton about toys

Once again, the story is in the pictures. This was our first weekend together as a family since September, and there were precious few of them before that. It has been lovely. For the first time since William was born we are able to sit down together at meal times. It was always a case before of doing the TPN and then rushing to try and get something cooked for the girls or giving them something already prepared whilst I was doing TPN. William's bed time routine, including the TPN and IV drugs used to take about an hour. Now, we can sit down at 6.30 and eat before I do William's feed and medicine and get him to bed. William has a small plate of whatever we are eating. He plays with it and is learning the skills of eating with a knife and fork. I am sure he will eventually begin to have a taste. He does fully join in with the social aspect of the meal and that is equally important.

We are not yet allowed to take William on public transport or anywhere that lots of people will be. As it was such a lovely day on Saturday, we did venture out for a walk in the park and even managed to find the quiet side of the playground. A couple of children did come on over to join in but I explained things to their parents so William could play for a little while. He didn't keep them from their game for too long. William was really nervous of falling. He does lack some of the confidence he used to have when playing on swings and being put on other toys in the park. It is not surprising really after all his body has been through.
William has been inseparable from his sisters this weekend. He has really missed them. We have all missed each other. The girls have grown up loads, especially Hope who will not leave her bedroom without a full face of make up anymore. I have missed so much of their lives and want to hold on to every minute now. They have been bought up by Mum and Dad as much as me over the last three years and I know that they will always have a special bond with them, beyond that of Grandma and Grandad now. I would never have been able to get through these years without knowing that the girls were safe, happy and being looked after with them. Much as I missed them, I knew they were OK and in the very best hands.
Hope, Ellie and I started to make up for lost time yesterday with a girle night complete with Chinese takeaway, chocolate and the sing-a-long version of 'Mama Mia'. We had a great time. I watched that film in our room in the hospital and found it a bit lame in the story line and more of a vehicle for the songs. I came away thinking I would rather have listed to an ABBA CD. I now know that the film comes alive when watching it with the girls you most care about and having a good old sing and laugh. It is our film of the moment and we have also downloaded the soundtrack. Even William joins in the singing and dancing and I am enjoying singing out loud whilst cleaning and tidying up - something I really missed in the hospital. It is so good to be doing the normal little things in life again.
We ended the weekend with a roast. The last two times I have tried to cook a roast, the food ended up being wasted as we ended up phoning ambulances before the chicken was cooked. Likewise, so many fridge loads of food have been thrown away after being admitted to hospital that I had begun to shop daily to avoid the waste. I am slowly beginning to relax and not feel like the next emergency must be due within the next few days. There will be ups and downs and William will have emergencies in the next couple of years but there is going to be a lot of stability and weekends like this in between. Life is there for the taking again.


Rebecca said...


What a lovely positive post! I'm very glad to see that you all had a fabulous weekend together! And may you have many many more of them!


Becky, Seren & Dylan xxx

Molly said...

Great news Sarah. That's lovely that you could spend a weekend with all your family, hopefully there'll be loads more to come.

Moll x x

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!
It was wonderful to have the girls back in Church, tho Ellie was a bit taken aback by the fuss being made of her and deeply embarrassed by having attention drawn to her during the notices. It wasn't helped by Helen, who having been into Sunday School, hadn't realised that Hope was there too until the choir shouted at her!

craftyclaire said...

So very pleased for you that you have been able to enjoy some family time together. The pictures are great- full of happiness that you all so deserve.

Aunty P said...

Fantastic post Sarah - the pictures are wonderful I'm so glad you are all back together and hugs

Anonymous said...

The pictures are really good. Hope there are more of these lovley weekends and evenings to come.

Youve got a beautiful family!

Love Emma x

Holly said...

What a great blog! The pictures are fab, I hope you have many more weekends like this!

Lots of Love x

Anonymous said...

:o) :o) :o) :o) :o)

How wonderful!

meme said...

Hi Sarah,
What a lovely time you all are having.So pleased William is blooming.Take care love Maria and Michael

Sarah's Mum said...

Lovely to see you all together again just as it should be. Having said that- we do miss you girls. The house is very quiet (and tidy--shhh)
and we even miss the Disney Channel!!!
Lovely photos Sarah and thank you for trusting us with the girls for so long.
Hugs and kisses Wills. Looking forward to showing you where Hope and Ellie stay when you can mix !
Love to you all,
Mum and Dad xxxxxx

Becky said...

This post is so great - may all your weekends be as good! It's actually brought tears to my eyes reading it - you really deserve for everything to be settled now. All my love, Becky x

Tinypoppet said...

Smiles of joy and a few tears here :) xxxxxxx

Jac said...

lovely post :-)
jac xx

diddyangel said...

YAY what a lovely positive post - so happy for you you all deserve it :-)

Anonymous said...

:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) is all i can say

God Bless