Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spontaneous chocolate pancake party

Yesterday, the girls and I decided to give up chocolate for Lent. We also decided to have a chocolate blow out today and eat lots of pancakes. We are doing the 'Love Life Live Lent' books and have a family book full of activities. One was to hold a pancake party. Before now this would have been a none starter but, why not I thought! At 7pm yesterday, we decided to go for it and each of them could have one friend (as a real party would be too many people around for William). It has been a long while before we did anything so spontaneous!

Hope and Ellie have not had too many friends round over the last couple of years as Wills, when home at all, was too unwell and tea times were dominated by TPN. It was lovely today to be able to properly entertain their friends and spend time cooking them pancakes whilst Wills busied around us all with his new found energy. We had savoury pancakes stuffed with tuna and cheese, pancakes smothered in chocolate and pancakes with lemon and sugar. Everyone was relaxed and happy and it was so lovely. Ellie is off to a friends house tomorrow and Hope has already spent most of the weekend with her friends so they are settling back well.

William did not fancy joining the four girls at the table for pancakes but did have a good few licks of a strawberry lolly this morning, even declaring it as 'delicious'. He is also now beginning to really enjoy having his teeth cleaned so these are very tiny steps towards eating.


Sarah's Mum said...

Brilliant! As I cooked a pancake for Dad last night I remembered that I was cooking them in your kitchen last year! Lovely to hear you are getting back to normal and enjoying your life with the revitalised Wills. Long may it last.
Lots of love,
Mum xxxx (and dad)

craftyclaire said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all, great.

Anonymous said...

A lovley post! Glad to hear that your getting back to normal and that your girls can have there friends around like a normal family would.

Love Emma x

Becky said...

Good luck with giving up chocolate for lent - I'm trying to too! Glad the girls are settling back in, and William's doing well! xxx

Molly said...

Great :) I'm so glad that you're beginning to get back to 'normal' as a family and having fun together again. I'm glad Wills is doing well :)

Moll x x