Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pictures of an Amazing Week

Wednesday: On the way to Birmgham and pretty unwell too!

Thursday: Shortly after transplant

Friday: The morning after transplant

Saturday: First sips of water from a sponge

Sunday: Sipping from his new Thomas cup

Monday: School wasted no time in getting William going again

Wednesday: Distended and in lots of pain

Thursday: One week on, a few minor complications but doing great! First smile in a week!!!


Tinypoppet said...

oh Sarah! It's so wonderful to see these! He really does look deathly pale in the before hand one...and already you can see a change in colour. So thrilled lovely one, keep on going, lots of love to you and all the family xxx

Holly said...

Ah wonderful pics Sarah! What an incredible week! Much love to you and to Wills xxx

Holly said...

Great pics! You can see the difference already!

Much love x

misdee said...

beautiful pictures. he is utterly adorable and you can see the difference already.


Cat said...

Truly wonderful seeing the photos of Wills.
thinking of you...
Cat x

Aunty P said...

Fantastic pics Sarah - love the one with the Thomas cup - it says it all.
big hugs

Rebecca said...

Wow! He really did look very poorly in the first picture, and there definitely a positive change in the following ones, but his tummy does look very swollen in the one photo. His smile is just utterly adorable though, such a lovely sight to see!


Becky xxx

suzie said...

Great to see some pics of William and that lovely smile is priceless.


Sarah S said...

I'd just like to say you have a gorgeous son and I,like many others are praying for his recovery. With love to you all
Sarah S via Post Palsxx

Emma said...

Beautiful photos of your little man,
Hes looking great.
Thinking of you..
(Transplantkids website)

Becky said...

It's so nice to see the photo of William smiling! Lots of love to you all, Becky Paulinyi xxx

davieb said...

Hi sarah, what an inspiring and brave wee boy you have. We have been following his progress up here in Scotland and you are all in our thoughts. Love and best wishes, David and Jacqui xx (Paul's Scottish cousin)

Anonymous said...

He's looks so much better in the last picture than the first! Looks like he's been decorating too - nice stars and moons in the background!