Monday, November 17, 2008

Just a quickie...

It has been a busy day. The lovely Emma from Live Life then Give Life called me this morning to ask if I would speak to Channel 4 news about the opt-out decision. Within a couple of hours, William and I had been visited and interviewed. I switched my phone on to find a message from ITV news who were also hoping to come and interview us. They ended up sharing Channel 4's footage and we ended up on both lunchtime news bulletins. ITV were planning to interview us in the afternoon for the 6.30 news but called to say there was enough material among that Channel 4 had recorded and they are using that this evening so watch out for us.

The channel 4 piece can be seen here The ITV piece seems to be on their news website but I can't click on it at the moment.

Our interview was over in time for me to see the lovely Emily and Ubaid's wonderful Mum on This Morning. Well done both of you. You were fantastic!! Emily was on the ITV lunch time news too looking as professional as ever.

Let's hope all this awareness gets people thinking. This Morning ran a pole and 68% were in favour of the law change. I hope these people have now registered as donors!!! It would be fantastic if some of those on the waiting lists received their organs as a result of the current media attention.


Helen said...

I like William's contribution to the discussion :D Clearly he was missing out on some very important telly :D

Also well done- I think you came across clearly well, in what is a very complicated issue.

Aunty P said...

Well done Sarah! All this debate is great for raising awareness and getting people talking about organ donation.
lots of love

Tinypoppet said...

hi Sarah,

I put ITV onto sorry I didn't get to ring you to warn you! It was manic but glad they were able to share footage. I knew you'd be brilliant (haven't managed to catch any though - boo!)

huge hugs...and like you say, this has definitely raised some fantastic awareness xx

Rebecca said...

Hi Sarah,

Just a quick note to say that we're coming to London on Sunday 7th December. Would LOVE to meet up if we could!

Am off to watch your clip now!


Becky xxx

helen said...

yes is fantastic that 'someone' on the waiting list recieved organs!

Im very choked up.....and I cant sleep!

Again.....lots and lots and lots of love