Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another Quick Update (full post later)

Will update properly later but YAY - William's bowel started working itself overnight. His stoma is still very swollen but slowly getting back to how it was. He is still off feed and on free drainage from his jej tube but, at the moment, no need for surgery.
Thanks for the prayers xx


meme said...

Tht is great news thinking of you all

Joopsy said...

Really great news Sarah, we are still praying for William and really glad that you got a day together on your birthday.

God bless you all.

The Dunk family

Sarah's Mum said...

Thank goodness! A great relief. Lovely pic of the children--one for the albumn! Lovely to spend your birthday with you and to see Wills. I can now imagine him in situ when I hear him in the background when I call you.
Keep smiling!
Lots of love,
Mum xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news. :-)
Jax x

Tinypoppet said...


Anonymous said...


Becky said...

That's so great! Glad you had a good birthday, lovely picture of Hope, Ellie and William.

Love Becky Paulinyi (post pals)

suzie said...

That's brilliant news!