Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting Into Routine

We are slowly beginning to settle into a routine here. It still seems a little surreal but we are getting used to the people and way things are done here. William's sleep is still disturbed but we are getting closer to his normal day and night patterns. He is in a lot of pain and discomfort, mainly from the operation but also because he is a bit colicky with the introduction of feeding. His stoma output is a bit on the watery side and a bit high (although less than half of the best days prior to transplant) so we are sticking at 10 mls per hour for now. He has not really fancied his water today, probably because he is a bit gassy and bloated. This is normal following any abdominal surgery, let alone a transplant. It can be a bit disheartening as it is not unlike his reaction to feeding in the past. However, there are huge differences. He is uncomfortable but he is absorbing it. These are symptoms of a bowel getting going again after a huge trauma of being removed from someone and put into someone else. No-one is keen to push William's feed too quickly which is no bad thing. We will take things slowly and steadily and may have to go back a step or even stop feeds for a while if that is what the bowel needs to move forward towards eventually coping with full feeds. He will get there but we need to be patient.

We had a lovely surprise today when a big white box arrived containing a lovely Thomas balloon from Becky, Adrian, Seren and Dylan - thanks so much! William had a few cards too which brightened him up. He is beginning to get interested in things again and loved his time on the computer with the teacher. We also made a dinosour from a 'Charlie and Lola' magazine. It is nice to be doing things with him again. He tends to tire during the afternoon and the pain sets in more then. When he is very sore with a gassy tummy I have to sit with my hand on it for him.
In fact, his is going to be a quick blog as he is now awake and wanting Mummy's hand now. I will continue the story tomorrow,


suzie said...

Sending lots of love and big (((HUGS))) to you all. So glad to hear William is enjoying some play time.

Keeping him in my prayers, and you too Sarah.


Sarah's Mum said...

looking forward to seeing you both on Friday. (Sarah's birthday) Lots of love, Mum, Hope and Ellie xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Please send my love to Wills. Thinking of you all and wishing you the smoothest possible leg of your journey.