Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to Theatre

William is back in theatre. He has been much better in himself today as we are draining him from his jejenal tube and gastrostomy so he is more comfortable. The jej tube started draining blood yesterday evening and has been doing all day. The stoma did begin to work, all be it somewhat watery, (thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts) to the surprise of some. We were told we were not out of the woods though and he stoma was still very swollen. We went for a CT scan this afternoon which showed some air in the abdominal cavity behind the stomach. This could be due to a perforation from the jej tube in the new bowel or could be a leak from the join between the graft and the stump of William's existing bowel. They are now looking to see what is going on and trying to fix it.

The scan also showed all of William's bowel to be swollen. The bleeding and swelling could be due to rejection and so we may have to start a more vigorous treatment fort this.The team are fantastic and the surgeon who did William's transplant came in this evening to take him to theatre even though he is not even on call today. We are in the safest of hands.

Poor Wills has been through so so much. I so hope this is a more positive week for him.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear William is back in theatre. Always thinking positively about him and you Sarah for being so strong too. Missing William love to all Sue xxx