Sunday, December 14, 2008

William Eats Thomas!

William has not yet been given the green light to start eating but got tempted by a rice paper 'Thomas' from a fairy cake kit we were using to make Thomas biscuits for the nurses. I love rice paper and ate 'Henry' and his nurse saw no reason why William couldn't have a taste of an engine. Afterall. a tiny bit of rice paper won't even make it to the stomach. As you can see from the picture, he didn't hesitate in the slightest. He was really pleased with himself but wasn't too keen on the stickiness in his mouth and ended up having a few sips of water. He hasn't quite learned how to suck on a straw and actually get some water. He has a lot to learn. William hit a ladder at last today and is now on half feed and half TPN. At this rate, he should be off TPN by Wednesday and should get his first real tastes in the next few days. Strawberry yogurt and Advent calendar chocolate are the tastes William is looking forward to sampling first.
I am travelling back to London tomorrow to host Brompton Fountain drinks reception. I will be back late so don't worry if there is no blog. I will update on Tuesday. I was worried I would have to turn up trying to look poised and professional in my jeans and converse boots. William saved the day by wanting me to pop out for sweets, icing sugar and biscuits so his 'bakery' could be open. I managed to extend my agreed time of leave half an hour to grab a dress and some shoes - good old M and S! I think it is important to present myself well tomorrow. Naturally, life has been somewhat chaotic over the last year. The future is looking good and 2009 should be a lot calmer. Tomorrow will represent the start of my future regarding work. After tomorrow, I am taking leave over Christmas to relax, come to terms with everything and catch up with myself. I will then be ready to start afresh with work, my writing, theology course and photography (I have taken loads of pics Holly, I just need to sort them all) and the other things that have been juggled around living in hospitals for the last year. Thank-you so much to those who have supported The Brompton Fountain and pledged support from next year. You have all given me such a boost when the juggling has been tough.


Holly said...

So glad everything is going so well - William looks so much better already. And can't wait to see your photos of course!! xxx

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of wills with the straw!!! He is super cute. I will send you some stuff this week hun (sorry last week was a non starter!)

Yaz xx

Emma said...

Great news, so pleased that things are finaly going so well for you. The photo's are great.

Well done Will's!


Emma x

Richard Weir said...

Great news! Looks like things are definitely progressing for a change.

Thanks for the photos. Poor Wills, he looks so grumpy in that last picture!

I was wondering, might William find it easier to drink through a much thinner straw? Those thick, "bendy" straws have a lot of air in them that needs sucking out before one gets any drink out of them, and at the same time there is no resistance - when the drink comes it can come in a great rush. A much thinner straw holds much less air, and provides some resistance so the drink comes in a steady, controllable stream.

Here's hoping things go snake-free for a good long while.

Take care,


Rebecca said...


Huge YAY for William eating rice paper! I guess eating will be as weird for him as it is for a six month old baby, soooo many new tastes and textures, and he'll have to learn the techniques involved in eating too!

That is AMAZING that he's on half TPN and half feed! What a huge achievement!!!!

I am so happy for you both!!!

And I hope your day has gone well!


Becky, Seren & Dylan xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

We have tried to send William a Christmas/get well present via Amazon using the address you posted a couple of weeks ago, but I've just received an email saying they've refunded me as it was 'undeliverable'! Could you check the address and details for me so I can try a resend? Sorry to ask when I know you are busy.

We sent it to:
Master William Milne
Birmingham Childrens Hospital N H S Trust
Diana Princess Of Wales Childrens Hospital, Steelhouse Lane
W Midlands
B4 6NH

We have only met in passing once in hospital just after Paul's leg accident. - I'm a friend of Paul's from Leeds and the Guildhall.

I have been following the blog and we have you very much in our thoughts and prayers as you go through the snakes and ladders - so very glad the squares are progressing now.

With best wishes for lots more squares and maybe even a few ladders over Christmas.

Anonymous said...

sorry, I should have said how to contact me -