Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Lovely Sunday

Painting a picture for Father Christmas (whilst watching Cbeebies)

'The Nystatin Look'
He certainly doesn't like it anymore and this is the look I get as he holds it in his mouth feeling very cross with me indeed! (Unfortunately for Wills he needs this four times a day for the foreseeable future and it has to be given into his mouth)

William has certainly turned a corner. He does still have a bit of a temperature but nothing too sinister seems to be developing. All in all, it has been a lovely Sunday. We woke late, had a lazy morning watching CBeebies and Thomas and reading and playing with a Thomas book that includes a wind up Thomas and tracks to go with each tale. I bought this the week of William's transplant and today is the first day he has felt like playing with it or anything really. Later, he painted a picture for Father Christmas - a rainbow to tell him that he wants a cuddly monkey, naturally!! A monkey was too tricky and William likes painting rainbows. I'm sure Father Christmas will understand. We had a giggle at Mr Tumble on Something Special - Wills was really laughing for the first time but it soon turned to a mix of laughter and tears as he realised where the saying 'only when I laugh' comes from. After lunch, we made paperchains before William became tired and wanted to spend the rest of the day listening to his favourite Thomas story CDs and resting with his night light on.

Today has been the first day I really feel he has turned a corner and is on the mend. He is getting his willful personality back - he certainly doesn't like his Nystatin anymore as you can see. He holds it in his mouth for ages, bringing back many childhood memories of doing the same thing with something that tastes nasty. When do we learn to knock it back quickly and get it over with?

My only concern was that his stoma only produced around 20 mls over night and 7 all day. I couldn't cope with his bowel still not working after two further operations. I watched it all day and even checked with his stethescope to reassure myself I could hear bowel sounds. At around seven in the evening, William announced that he wanted me to go away for 'just a little bit and come back' no doubt because I was insisting on giving him his Nystatin and cleaning his teeth. After a quick google showed my that the Christmas Markets are open until 9 each day, I decided to take him on and off I went, reassuring him I would be back in an hour. I spent a wonderful hour, forgetting about stomas and bowel sounds (and I really did), enjoying the best 'Gluhwein' I have had outside Germany (which is probably why I forgot about the stoma and bowel sounds, I will be back before the market ends!) and doing a bit of shopping. I got back within the hour to find William asleep and with a half full stoma bag!!! I certainly learned that it does me good to get out for a while and with the market just a 10 minute walk away I think I will be back for more of the hot good stuff.


craftyclaire said...

So pleased that you have had a good day. It sounds very much like William is feeling better. It is a strange thing of being a Mum that when they are rushing round everywhere and making a racket you just want them to be calm and quiet but the only way you usually get that is when they are ill and then all you want is them back to their old aelf again. Well it seems like William is getting back to his old self (only better).

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah and William,
so happy that William is doing so well!!! Someone was looking out for you!!! missing William rushing around the ward at Chelsea.

sue said...

So peased things seem to be going in the right direction at last! Glad you were able to get out for some you time Sarah.Love to William and you, Sue xxx

Anonymous said...

Thats great news that Will's is being much more himself, Sounds like he had a great sunday! I hope this is the start of a great week.

And i agree with Will's nystatin is yucky when i was on it after my heart transplant i hated it too!

Emma x x