Saturday, December 06, 2008

I Promised Some Smiles...

William delivered them today. I asked him how he felt at one point today and he said 'comfortable'. Fantastic! He has been very sleepy all day, partly morphine and partly because he is finally more comfortable and has a lot of sleep and rest to catch up on. It has been a lovely calm day. We are still waiting for his stoma to start working properly and I will be relieved when it does. It is normal to take a few days for it to get going after surgery. He was also a bit sleepy because his temperature is rather high. This could well be due to the anaesthetic but infections are a big risk at this stage following transplant when the level of immunosupression is at its highest. Whatever it is, it isn't too bad as Wills is on pretty good form, all be it a bit puffy from anaesthetic and steroids.
Wills is now peacefully asleep and I am hoping he will stay that way until at least 6 am! I am about to get the bed out and settle down with a hot chocolate to write some thank-you letters for all the lovely things people have been sending to cheer William (and me) up. I will send my thanks here and now to those who have so generously sent a card or something without a contact for me to write my thanks to personally. William received his Thomas night light and torch yesterday, just as he was going down to theatre. Along with a teddy bear that Father Christmas gave him the day before, it was the only thing he was interested in yesterday evening. He couldn't wait for the lights to be switched off. It is on his bed with his 'friends' (cuddly toys) and he switches it on the minute the dusk falls. Thank-you all so much. All William's cards are on the wall in front of him. We have been so touched by people's generosity.


Sue said...

It is so lovely to see the photos of William,his georgeous smile shining through all he has been through. Wish I could be there with him and to give you more breaks as before Sarah.
Love to you both, in my thoughts and prayers as always,Sue xxxx

Aunty P said...

I'm glad to see the smile is back. Hope you had a good night
Pauline x

Emma said...

Im so pleased to see that his smile has come back :),
The photos are great too see, He has got a lot of balloons!
Thinking of you both always
Sending big hugs to both of you.

Love Emma x

Becky said...

Lovely to see photos of him smiling - he seems to have amazing spirit, smiling after everything! Becky xx

Cat said...

So glad Wills has had a more settled day,he's looking better,looks like the swelling in his tummy has gone down too,hiope his plumbing gets going again soon(((hugs))))
Cat xx

Lindsay said...

Hi Sarah,

Molly told me about Will's transplant... so pleased for you, congratulations!!!!
It really is a rough ride, but it's worth it and he'll get there in the end.
Big hugs to you all, especially brave William

Love Lindsay & Ethan xxx