Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Magic

Ellie adding her prayer to the tree in the Chapel

A quiet moment watching the Christmas Charlie and Lola

Hope is really growing up

Enjoying opening a Postpal's Elf Box together on Christmas Eve

William's Christmas dinner - his first bolus feed leaving him free from being attached to medical equipment for the first time in his life

Special presents for two very special sisters

Tasty, not quite like you have at home but no washing up!

Christmas day in the morning, not all that unlike the scene would be at home

Ellie enjoying Christmas dinner

William having fun with his cracker

Christmas dinner is served

William's room resembling a toyshop

I am sorry the pictures are a bit jumbled up in order but I'm sure you can see what a fantastic Christmas we had. Ellie and Hope both said how strange they found it that their best Christmas ever was one spent in hospital. We were all together having fun and that means the world to us all now. This year, our minds were re-focused on the real meaning of Christmas and we all said that Christmas will never be quite the same again.
The girls and I woke at 6.30, delighted to see that Father Christmas had been. We picked up the stockings and went over to William, who was already awake and watching CBEEBIES. I was amazed that he hadn't already got stuck into his stocking, and the huge pile of extra presents Father Christmas had delivered to the children in hospital for Christmas. The children opened their stockings together and the day progressed much as Christmas day usually does. We were amazed at people's generosity in their presents to the children. I was really touched by a wonderful bunch of flowers that I received just before Christmas. Thank-you SO much. They have really brightened up my room in the parent's accomodation hotel and made it so much more homely for the girls and I over Christmas.
Christmas dinner was different, being eaten out of polysterene, but it was tasty and there was no washing up. William had his own Christmas dinner - his first bolus feed which he tolerated really well. Paul arrived in the afternoon and we opened the family presents. We then played together with toys and games before the girls and I left Paul to put William to bed and went back to the room for some festive TV and more games. Paul soon joined us as Wills was more than ready for bed and we relaxed with a drink or two and some nibbles. Although we are all looking forward to a home Christmas next year - it will be the first we have all had together at home for five years, we all agreed that this year was one of the most magical Christmasses we have ever had.
Our donor and family were in our thoughts and prayers. The girls and I discussed this, away from William but one incredible moment showed just how deep he can be for his age. I have talked to him about how his 'new tummy' was a special gift, like and early Christmas present. I didn't say any more about where it came from. Half way through the day, he toddled over and sat on my knee for a cuddle and said "What was the best Christmas present I got that Father Christmas didn't bring?" "I don't know", I answered, expecting him to be fishing for his Thomas and the Great Discovery play set with the new 'Stanley' engine that he was hoping we had got him (which we had but he hadn't been given it yet). His reply was very different
"It was my new tummy!" It wasn't just his best present - it was the best present for all of us.


Molly said...

Thanks for sharing the photos Sarah. I'm glad you had a lovely family Christmas, despite being in hospital. I hope the bolus feeding continues to go well for Wills.

Speak soon,
Moll x x

Sarah's Mum said...

So glad you all had such a good time. Ours was very quiet!!!
Lovely photos and so good to know Wills now has part of the day unattached to lines. Living in freedom at last!
Lots of love to you all.
Mum and dad xxxx

Aunty P said...

The best Christmas blog ever.

Anonymous said...

Very pleased that you had a good christmas and that William enjoyed himself; his room defintly looked like a toyshop!
Great that will's has some freedom from all the lines.

Lots of loves + hugs,
Emma x

Sue said...

What wonderful pictures of your Christmas. So glad you all had a good time. Love to all see you soon Sue xxx

Becky said...

What an amazing Christmas Blog - William's 'toy shop' looks great!

Love Becky x

Jessica said...

Thank you for sharing your photos-The toys look like santa's workshop being prepared for next year!

I hope you all enjoy playing with the many presents and that the coming New Year brings continued strength for the most 'special present' of all :o)

Jessica x

suzie said...

Oh wow,

What a huge smile this post has put on my face.

Love to you all. xxx