Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Great Day (At Last)!

Today has been the best day for Wills since his transplant! He has been up and playing all day. He made Christmas decorations this morning and played with his engines for the very first time. It has been lovely to see. There are still some concerns about how well the top of his bowel is working and so William is still not on any feed. He had a repeat x-ray and ultrasound today to compare it with yesterday and the lovely 'Prof' surgeon and surgical registrar came in this afternoon to tell us that the pictures are 'reassuring'. Hooray!! This is the first time in ages the doctors have come in with smiles to tell us thing are looking better (apart from after his two post transplant operations when they were initially pleased but then things didn't quite go as they thought it would). If things stay in this direction, we will start a tiny trickly of diorylite tomorrow. We really think William has turned the corner. You never know, we may have manouvered around our nemesis snake at last!
Paul and I also had a lovely day. Our wonderful nurses from CHASE Hospice Care for Children came today to look after William so we went off to enjoy the Christmas Markets again and do a bit of shopping. I had 'Currywurst mit brot' and Gluhwein for lunch which really brought back memories of the markets in Konstanz when I went there some years ago during my PhD years and early years as a lecturer. I had a research contact with a prof there and used to love to go when the Christmas markets where there. I am going to make as much use of the markets for lunch and tea as I can before they go on 23rd. They have been a really good morale boost for me. I love the atmosphere and the lights. The food is nostalgic and, of course, the warm spicey wine is very pleasant at this time of year. This has completely trumped my usual favourite Christmas treat drink of Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks. I haven't even been into one for weeks. Marks and Sparks do the best coffee round here.


Becky said...

So glad it's been a better day! =]I love German Christmas Markets too - I spent time in one last time I was in Germany, and it was great.

Love, Becky.

Anonymous said...

Hello - you don't know me, but I've been following your blog for quite a while through my friend Holly C who had her kidney transplant back in October. I'm studying at Brum uni at the moment, so also enjoying the German Market! Very glad to hear William is having a good day, long may this continue!
Lucy xxx
PS- try the pretzles in the market, they are amazing!

suzie said...

YAAAY!! for a good day, praying there'll be many more to follow.

Sarah, I so want to go to that market, have an extra spiced thingy for me next time you go.

Loadsa love.

Rebecca said...

YAY!! Praying that tomorrow is an even better day for William! And yay to your lovely day out with Paul!


Becky, Seren & Dylan xxx

Jac said...

Great news - I hope this is the start of the up now!!
jac xx

Cat said...

Brilliant to read Wills' had a great day...and you guys too! (((hugs))) I too love the German Christmas Market..have to make a journey throught to Edinburgh reading the blog has made my mouth water mmmm
big hugs
Cat x

daisymama said...

My mouth is watering - and I'm vegetarian!!! Glad you and Paul got a chance to get out and that William is going in the right direction. Steph xxx

Kimbows said...

How lovely it is to see William smiling. I too was in Birmingham last week and visited the German market. The atmosphere is just wonderful.I found your blog through the Post Pals website and now follow it daily. I'm thinking about you and your family and hope to see a few more smiles from William over the coming days.

Look after yourself


Anonymous said...

Lovely to see William so happy! :)
Lots of love
Helen B

Anonymous said...

So glad to see things are improving.
Thinking of you all.
Trudy and Freddie xxxx

Richard Weir said...

Glad to hear he had a good day yesterday, and I hope today is also good!

Hang in there guys.

Prayers and best wishes,