Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Stable Day

It has been a settled day today. The doctors are pleased that William looks 'stable' now and they hope he will remain so for a while longer before we can all declare that he is over his little blip. His bowel is working again, much to my relief, and we are going to try him with 10 mls per hour of diorylyte tonight with the hope that we can get back to where we were with feeding over the next few days.

Poor Wills is still very sore from his second op and a bit nervous of people coming in to him. He is getting better as he recognises more faces and begins to discern what will hurt and/or be unpleasant and what will be OK. He still hasn't really started playing with his toys or enjoying his books yet but I am sure that will come soon. He is very weak and that is going to take a bit of time to improve on. The physio comes twice a day but he is struggling with sitting unaided at the moment. His cerebral palsy, mild though it is, will slow down his physical recovery but we are working on it and encouraging him loads.

Thanks to all who have been sending cards, letters and gifts. William is so enjoying receiving them. They were on his notice board but we moved them onto the bathroom door today so he can see them better in front of him, and because we were running out of space!

Talking of gifts, I managed to get most of the main Christmas bits and bobs for the children today, thanks to Argos reserve and collect service. It isn't my preferred method of Christmas shopping as I like to make a day of it and enjoy the atmosphere. Birmingham is just too crazy busy to make the atmosphere anything like enjoyable and I can only shop in 40 minute blocks while the teacher is with Wills. Our lovely CHASE nurses are coming for a day next week and that is ear marked for a nice mooch round the German Christmas Markets with a sausage and a mug (or two..) of gluwein! This Christmas will feel very different for us all. The material trappings are very low on our priorities. I am just looking forward to having all my children together with me. We are preparing for our third Christmas in hospital, two in a row. This year, I won't be complaining as this stay is giving us hope for the future. I miss my church and my friends at home but whenever I feel at all down about it I am reminded that there is a family out there preparing for a Christmas without a loved one. A family to whom we have every future Christmas we spend with William to thank for.


Anonymous said...

Im pleased to hear your day was stable Sarah,
Hope that Will's continues to get better.


Rebecca said...

YAY for a stable day!!! Fingers crossed that you have many many more stable days, and that the 10 mls goes well!

It's lovely that William can enjoy his gifts and cards, bless him. Really hope he's more comfortable soon.

I remember Dylan being funny about people coming near him in hospital when he was 24 months and was in for his portacath infection. He went nuts when the dietitian went to wipe his chocolatey hand because he thought he was going to swab him for a finger prick!

I bet that no matter what you buy people for Christmas this year, nothing can compare to the gift your family, and William in particular, have been given this year ... hope, and a chance at a somewhere near normal life. Like the Mastercard advert says ... priceless.

Oh, and I've tagged you for a blog award of Superior Scribbler! See my blog for more details!

Big hugs,

Becky xxx

Anonymous said...

So glad that Wills has had a stable day.

A package is on the way - I hope both you and him enjoy its contents.

Thinking of you

Kate Dee

Becky said...

Glad to hear of a stable day. Will be a litte package for William on it's way in a couple of days!


Anonymous said...

How can we send Wills a card??

Yaz x