Monday, December 08, 2008

Grrrr That Snake Again!

We just can't get past him!!! Once again, William's stoma is swelling up (nothing like as much as before at the moment) and his bowel has stopped working. The feed has been stopped again and we have another anxious 24 hours to see which way things are going to go. It is such a worry because, until it gets going properly, no one can reassure us that William's bowel will definately get working, although there is no reason why it shouldn't. Things look good, the stoma is pink, the blood supply to and from the bowel is good so I am sure it will get going eventually.William had his transplant just two and a half weeks ago and, since then, his new bowel has been handled twice and bowels really don't like that. We have to keep on hoping and praying that it is going to work in its own time. I am not very good at waiting though. I want to know everything, what if this....?, what if that....? I want to know all the possible scenarios from the very best to the very worst and everything in between. The truth is, no one really knows any more than me. William is only the 59th child in the UK to receive a small bowel transplant and they have all been different. Each child throws up their own complications and no one knows why William's stoma, and probably thw bowel inside, keeps on swelling. It is so hard. You want the doctors and surgeons to have the answers but there really aren't any. We just have to watch and wait. Please keep your prayers and positive thoughts coming.

What is good is that William is getting better in himself and is enjoying his games and activities more and more each day. He made a video with the teacher today which I am hoping to put on here later. I tried this once before and it didn't work. I know some of my lovely blog followers have put videos on their blog. Could one of you please comment here on how it is done. Thank-you.


Anonymous said...

Just catching up Sarah. That last picture of Wills tum looks very sore - poor thing. He looks so cool painting his picture for Santa. I am going to see what I can sort from CBeebies for him - does he have a favourite show?? More pictures please - hope that the news gets better for you.
Take care Yaz x

Sarah's Mum said...

Oh Sarah-- you were so pleased last night when you phoned to tell us that the stoma bag was full!! Things have never gone to plan with William so I suppose the bowel is only following the set Wills pattern! I really hope the ladder comes into sight soon and that it is a long one!
Take care--see you soon.
Love Mum xxxx

Jac said...

The unknown is a scary place indeed. Keeping you and William in my thoughts and hoping that things settle down soon and you get to climb the ladder to the top of the board!
Jac x

Becky said...

I'm sorry that snake is back again - let's hope he's defeated soon. I'm sorry, I don't know how to put videos onto blogs - but I'll have a look around, if I find out I'll let you know! Becky.

Becky said...

Heya, I just found this, don't know if you;ve seen it before or if it'll help at all, but thought I;d post the link here for you -

Angela said...

Hi Sarah and William,

Been following your blog since William went up to Birmingham, catching up every couple of days.

Thinking of you and praying for you both.

Take care, God bless.
Angela (Mercury)

suzie said...

Hiya Sarah,

I did a video once, a very long time ago and I made it on 'One true media' then used the share facility to get it on my blog.

Praying for William and hoping today is a good one.

All my love

Sylvia said...

Been following your blog since you posted on Fetch that you were in Birmingham. Thought I'd better stop lurking and let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Syliva (silvershadow)