Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We had all been having a lovely time at home and the children had settled well into school. It was great enjoying normal life but the bubble had to burst eventually. We are back in hospital with yet another line infection and the girls are away at their Grandparents. It feels wierd and pretty horrible to be back. Wills was quite poorly today but we have caught this bug quickly and are hoping he will get over it quickly and we'll be home in a couple of weeks. William will be suspended from the transplant list for a few days while he is still 'septic' with the infection. That is harder than I thought it would be as I can't help thinking 'what if...'

It is especially hard for Hope who was due to have a French exchange student to stay next week. Once again, plans have been shelved.


suzie said...

Hiya hun,

Sorry to hear William is back in hospital, sending you a big hug and praying he's back on the list very soon.

Brilliant photo's and I totally agree, your children are very beautiful :D

Much love.

Rebecca said...

So very sorry to hear that William is back in hospital, but it sounded as if you were expecting it, so I guess you were sort of prepared for it this time.

Really hope he gets well soon, so that he can get back on the transplant list and back home and back to school.

We're going into town after school today, so we'll have a look and see if we can find anything 'Thomas' that William might like.

Big hugs,

Becky xxx

craftyclaire said...

Is it best to send cards for the girls and Wiliam to the address given on the Post Pals website or is there a hospital address for them to be sent to as you will be in there a while. Will pray for you that the transplant will happen for you while you are still in hospital this time.
You are doing brilliantly. Age wit Suzzie "Brilliant photo's and I totally agree, your children are very beautiful :D"
Sending hugs to all of you, Claire.