Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Journey With William: An Exploration

I am working, honest guv!! I am taking a lunch break from trying to sort out the little bits and pieces of missing information for the year end accounts for the Charity Commission and writing my director's report for the next trustee meeting.

Whilst taking a break, I have started my creative experimentation on my new, companion blog 'My Journey With William: An Exploration' Please do take a look and share it with anyone else who you think could be interested or offer some interesting comments and criticisms. You never know what you may find there. I am experimenting with photography, writing - fiction and non fiction and all kinds of genres, drawing... Over time, you will find all of these things there. The blog is my virtual sketchbook, a dynamic sketchbook that people can interact with. Of course, I also have my paper notebooks and sketchbooks - many of them. I have always dabbled with stuff but the 'Transplant' project has inspired me to try and make something of it all.

I want to do it all at a much higher level too, hence doing little courses in writing and theology and working through 'learn to draw' books. I am thinking of adding in a distance learning photographt course. You can find all sorts of good value courses, many subsidised for people in our situation. Paul and the girls role their eyes when I come up with the next idea and it must all seem very 'bitty' to them. It isn't though. I am gathering skills that, I hope, will lead me into pastures new in our new post-transplant life. I am doing exactly what these kind of courses are for, developing myself for the future. William won't be so dependent on me then and I need to create something out of our experiences that I can develop. I want to write, non-fiction and fiction, I want to develop a Christian ministry based on what we have been through, I want to create art. All these things are nothing more than exploration at the moment. One or more may take off or they may all take off in a complimentary way. Nothing may take off at all but I will have had a lot of fun and learned a lot about myself in experimenting.

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