Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A new toy

Wednesdays are going to be my 'me days'. I am not going to do any work. It is a day for me to develop the things I want to do (although I did end up doing some urgent work email correspondence today). However, I also went shopping for a new toy. Feeling ever more excited about my creative response to my journey with William, Hope and Ellie and particulary inspired by 'Transplant', I bought myself an entry level digital SLR camera to enable me to get a lot more creative with my photography. I decided to a use a little of the money the tax man owes me for taking far too much from me for 6 months. The girls have been fighting over my existing camera, that I will still carry in my handbag. I am going to buy them an easy to use 'point and shoot' digital camera each as well so I can teach them too and they can learn to capture elements of their life too. It is important for them to be able to do this as well. I am finding it a hugely enriching and therapeutic experience to explore our lives creatively. Paul is not impressed. He doesn't get the kind of art represented by 'Transplant' at all so appreciates my amateur offerings even less.

I have had a little play with my new toy, you can see the first results on the other blog. It is a start, there is a lot to learn. I have always enjoyed playing with photography and still have black and white prints of school folders covered in tippex written band names and logos from my attempts to capture my 'Goth' years during the lat 1980s. I love photographic images. I always want to know more and can stand in front of a picture for ages inventing the stories that go with it. I think photography and writing complement each other very well and these will be the main media I will be experimenting with. I had some succes with my writing today. I had an assignment back from my tutor telling me that it was excellent work, that I am improving and developing and I am now ready to begin submitting work for publication.

William is still well, although he managed to fall badly and get a very nasty cut on his chin yesterday. Luckily, we are pretty skilled at using steri-strips as we use them to secure his Hickman Line. His chin didn't bleed much but we did realise at bedtime that it was rather gaping. We did wonder if we should take him for stitches but agreed it was not bleeding and it would be so traumatic for William that it would be better for him to have a wider scar. Paul did a very good job of mending him. The girls are also on good form. We have Hope's French exchange student here in a week and a half. It is important to me that we all carry on as usual and Hope and Ellie don't miss out on things but I do wonder what on earth we'll do if we are called for transplant or have to rush William into hospital. We will have contingencies but it would certainly make for an experience for the poor girl to be woken in the middle of the night and bundled off to a friend's with the girls!

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