Friday, September 12, 2008

I am Prince William and I live in a bouncy castle...

I have had one of the most trying days of my recent life and I was all set to blog about how Wills and I travelled into London for his vaccination, except it was only ordered this morning and wasn't in stock, and neither was the alternative, and then I locked myself out in the afternoon school run so I and William's nurse and Sue, his one to one, who were here for a meeting with me about school next week were locked out and had to meet in the park (at least it was sunny).... I would have been bloggin about a frustrating and traumatic day for Wills and I but, instead, I have some happy pictures of 'Prince William who lives in a bouncy castle' to share with you.

I had an email a few days ago from Viks at postpals to say they may be able to get some 'bouncy tiggers' and would we like one. My sensible head told me we have no space but Paul and my spontaneous side knew Wills would love one. He rarely gets the chance to bounce at fetes and parties etc because he is usually on his TPN and it is too risky to be bouncing with other children. Now he is on TPN until 4.30pm it is even less likely he will get the chance to play on bouncy castles while we are out and when he is in isolation after his transplant he certainly won't be able to play with lots of other children for a while. He does have a lot of fun on them so we said yes please. Yesterday, I got a mail saying it was waiting for us at our local Woolworths. We went to pick it up after our trip to the hospital. We had half an hour home before getting Ellie from school when I set about trying to blow it up with my bike track pump - after half an hour it still looked like I hadn't even started! Luckily, the toy shop at the end of the road still had some electric pumps (everyone else only stocks them in the summer) and Paul blew it up with that while I was still talking about William's medical needs in school - after Paul had returned home, early thankfully, with a key to let us all in! William was on it before Paul had even finished and soon delcared he was 'King William and he lives in his bouncy castle' (what ever the bouncy item - it always seems to be a bouncy castle to children - this is a bouncy castle that looks like a tiger apparently!). Well, Prince William played in his castle all the time until we managed to drag him out and to bed. He was able to bounce and fall and then relax and rest when he needed to. It is fantastic. Thank-you SO much Post Pals - William has a huge smile today!! It does take up the whole living room, and that is without it's tonge and mouth - a mini slide into a paddling/ball pool! We will save those features for another day. Paul and I are relaxing around it this evening as it is up for the weekend. We will put it up for the day whenever Wills feels like being 'Prince William' or having a bouncy day, or whenever he needs a bit of extra fun.

William also had a lovely Thomas activity book and an ocean colouring book and stickers from HT and, rather appropriately, someone also known as Tigger! He got on with looking at them and doing some colouring while he was relaxing in his castle. Thank-you!! What would have been a traumatic and frustrating day for William turned out to be a real play day!

I have blogged about Postpals before and how fantastic it is. I have added it as a link from my blog now (as I am getting clever and can do this kind of thing all by myself!). Please do have a look and help post smiles on faces like William's, and Seren and Dylan's - see Rebecca's blog 'Life as Mum to 2 Children with Cystic Fibrosis' in my 'blogs I read' section - see, I really am getting clever!

Meanwhile, Ellie and I made museili bars and Hope made pizza (from scratch, all by herself - and made a decent job of tidying up and cleaning afterwards!) in readiness for tomorrow's Parish Show. Prince William was too busy in his castle to make his chocolate chip muffins but will do them in the morning when I also need to do some flower arranging. It is so nice to be home joining in with the show tomorrow. Wills is not all that well and we acknowledged at the hospital today that we are probably living on borrowed time right now before he gets his next line infection. Let's hope that borrowed time lasts a few more weeks!

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craftyclaire said...

You are a wonderful lady. I think it is fantastic of you to make the time and energy to remember Seren and Dylan (and post nice things to them) when you are going through so much with Wills. I am so glad that what could have been a horrid day turned out, at least for Prince William, to be a fun time. May things go well for you and you get some peace, if not then can it be the rush of transplant hospitalisation rather than infection.
Thinking of you
Claire x.