Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Free Day in London

Indian Summer Splash

Experiencing Art 'Out of Bounds'

'Up on The Roof'

On Guard

South Bank Beat

A View From the Gallery

Today was a lovely day. I sauntered around London on my own. My main aim was to practise shooting with my new camera. I took 222 pictures, saved 55 and these are the highlights. They even met with Paul's seal of approval! It was so nice to wander around with 7 hours to myself. I rediscovered some places I haven't had a chance to get to for a while, such as The South Bank and found some new places, like the Institute of Contemporary Art. I did some things I used to enjoy doing, and hope to do more of now William is at school. I love walking around and watching people. I did a lot of that today. I read that taking up photography makes you look at things differently and I certainly found that today. I noticed things I have never seen before, textures and contrasts that have been hidden from me for all these years. I started my day in the Tate Modern members room. That is a place I love to sit in and read or do some work. It is 'Open Rehearsal' weekend this week where art galleries and concert halls open up parts not usually available for public view. The Tate had its basement open and it looked great but was sold out. So, instead of down, I went up onto the balcony of the Institute of Contemporary Art on The Mall where I experienced a sound installation (the legs in the photo are not me!). I have never been to this gallery before and enjoyed the 'vibe' of the place. I will be back. I wandered around a little bit more and ended the day sitting in on a rehearsal with Billy Brag for a 'Big Busk.' That was a lot of fun with lots of people singing along and playing guitars with a bit of help from giant chord cards being held up on the stage. Everything (apart from the coffee in the Tate and a sandwich from Tesco at lunchtime) was free! There is so much to do on our doorstep. I am determined to get myself and the children out doing things when we are all together and Wills is well.
It is wonderful to be able to spend time away from everything and even allow myself to stop thinking about it and experiencing art or looking for a good shot instead. In the lovely Indian Summer's day it almost felt like I was on holiday. The girls are having a break away so we will all be refreshed. A good job too really as William had a bit of a dip when we accessed the line to put him on his TPN today. His temperature went up a bit and he went a bit flat and sleepy. Paul really thought he was going septic but he stabilised. His tummy is very distended today and his stoma output is up. It certainly looks like he is brewing up a line infection. I really hope not but I do feel like we have had a bit of a break. I have been able to stop and reflect for a while. I think women do that when they head towards 'middle age'. We get all creative and go on journeys of self-discovery and expression. Of course, I would rather our life were more simple but I am enjoying this age phase of my life.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a lovely day. Sorry about Wiils. Let's hope he manages to keep infection at bay--- astanding by for the girls. Love Mum xxxxx