Thursday, September 25, 2008

I can't believe I did that!

I went out this morning without my mobile phone!!! I have been so good at making sure it is with me all the time. I just forgot this morning. It occured to me half way round the supermarket. I had a dilemma - buy the milk and loo rolls or hot foot it straight home! I hastened my step around the store and rushed home. Thankfully there was no missed call!

While I have your attention, please read on and support Holly. It will be fantastic for Holly and for William and everyone else waiting for a transplant if she wins a slot on the programme. I have lifted this straight of Emily's blog - hope you don't mind Em.

Channel Four are doing a programme called Battlefront where young campaigners are fighting hard to get their cause featured. 19 have been picked and there is one space left.LLTGL Advocate Holly Shaw, has had her "Gift of Life" campaign idea accepted! And now it's over to us.Channel 4 are going to pick the most popular campaign to go through to their final group, with their favourite ones being featured on the Battlefront TV programme. To vote people have to do is visit the website above and click on "Vote". That's it! No need to register or anything else. So please, for the love of pie, vote, pass this on, spread the word, hassle friends/work colleagues etc. Holly has a disadvantage in that she has only just got her campaign on the website and voting ends next week (1st October). So we are asking as many people as possible to put a link up about this on their websites, Myspaces, Facebooks, etc. so we can get this campaign on channel 4. Really appreciate any help anyone can give - it would be such a shame for Channel four to run this thing without anything about organ donation whatsoever...


craftyclaire said...

I have added a link to your blog from mine and would like it if you would take a look, if you want me to remove it just leave a comment on my blog.
Have voted on Hollys campaign thanks to you promoting it.

Tinypoppet said...

Not at all! Thank you for supporting her Sarah :) xx

Toria said...

Sorry I haven't written for so long I haven't been well enough however I have been reading along so this is a bit of a long reply to your last few posts.

Firstly the phone... I can so imagine myself doing this I wondered if maybe it may be practical to get one of those lanyard things so you could hang it round you? Though I would worry it would just add to the pshcyological 'weight' of this whole transplant issue that is already hanging heavily around you.

Your hair is lovely, you shouldn't be so harsh on the photos they give the idea. It is always nice to get your hair cut especially when you feel you are having a change of direction. I've seen top sylists like Nikky Clarke talk about it before and how clients often associate the two. Don't worry about the family, last time I got my hair cut Luke barely wanted to speak to me he hated it so much haha!!

It is very exciting to see William at school and I can really see how much good it will do both of you. Admittedly he will miss lots, but I think the stimulation of the new environment will be excellent for him and give him new things to think about.

I can also see how very much the extra time and space means to you.

I think people can be quick to judge or fail to understand how draining it is to look after a child all the time espcially one who is as unwell as William. They think just because you are sat about at home or hospital all the time your life is easy going. They don't understand how wierd and on-hold and disjointed your life actually is. Even the Paul and the girls who live with you actaully expereince it in a totally different way to you.

Which leads me nicely to all your new creative projects. It is exciting to see you so inspired and though I can see your immediate family aren't quite as excited as you I encourage you to keep it up. I don't think it matters what you actually produce in many ways it is just the fact that you are finding a way to process everything is very VERY is so easy to just 'get on' that you can suddenly get swamped with the enormity of everything you have gone through if you aren't careful.

I think people find that hard to accept when they themselves aren't in a reflective mood. To them it can almost seem un-healthy to see you 'dwelling' on things but as I said I don't see it as 'dwelling' I see it as a 'processing' tecnique.

I know it is upsetting to not feel supported in this but I suspect that it is this worry that is making them unenthusiastic, not the fact that they don't care, even if they themselves don't realise that....I hope that makes sense.

Lots of love to you all I am thinking of you xox