Saturday, June 03, 2006

Wisley Gardens and Marwell Zoo

We had a lovely day yesterday. I love this picture of all 3 children having such a lovely time together at Wisley Gardens. They were so happy and it is the first time we have had a really long day out together since William was born really. We set off early and got to William's Granny's house in time to get William off his TPN - we had worked it forward so he could be put on before going to the zoo in the evening. His usual time would have been in the middle of the journey from Christopher's Hospice to the zoo. We flushed William off and he toddled and toddled in the garden while we all had an early lunch. We then set of for Wisley Gardens.

William loved feeding the ducks but was much more interested in the huge fish that were swimming so close to his clost that he wanted to climb in and join them

At least it looks like he isn't going to be scared of the water! (We were hoping to go swimming at the hospice tomorrow but they called earlier to say there was a little accident in the pool this afternoon and it needs to be shut for 24 hours!)

After a few hours at Wisley we were off the Christopher's for some tea and to get William set up on his TPN and then off to the zoo. It was quite a drive and we were in convoy with other families in their cars and loads of taxis. We nearly ran out of petrol as we were depending on a station in the last bit when we couild easily find the zoo - but there just wasn't one! Luckily the taxi drivers found us one just a bit further on with their GPS systems. William was absolutely fascinated with every animal. This picture below shows him wide eyed in the giraffe house - they were being fed and were just feet away. He was amazed! His little face was much the same looking at every animal.

We saw so many animals and William really was interested in all of them. It was a great evening. The zoo held a special, free opening for children from hospices, special schools and residential homes etc and treated them to the animals together with special talks and demonstrations, craft activities, characters wondering around, goodie bags and, apart from the animals, best of all for William miniture trains, tractors and...a visit from the local fire brigade and police. This was William's reaction to the fire engine...

He loved it so much that he just had to climb in and have a go!!!

All in all it was a fantastic day and we were so amazed at how Marwell Zoo did all this for these children and their families. Tomorrow, we are off to Christopher's and may get the chance to swim with William for the first time (if it is not too busy there is a brief slot between the 24 hours "decontamination" and William going back on TPN. Then on Monday, we are off to Legoland with CHASE. The only blot on a perfect time is that poor Wills is in a lot of pain at the moment and really suffering and screaming and crying - still smiling in between though!!!


Tinypoppet said...

your children are all so beautiful and photogenic Sarah :) Looks like you had a wonderful time, yay for sunshine! Much love as always xxx

Shadow said...

I looked forward to reading this blog entry. So glad a good day was had by all, it sounds fab. I hope William got his swim, or gets one soon!
love to all. xxx