Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ellie's turn for centre stage!

Well, the a "sleep over" was the wrong word for what went on in Hope's room last night. There was very little sleep! The girls had such a great time and it really seemed to go down as a coming of age event! I was mighty pleased to be told I was "a really cool Mum" by one of Hope's friends. I'm not sure I was so cool when I went into their room at 1.30am and about 3am to tell them to be quiet! Most of the time they were and I did turn a blind eye to the fact they were on a pact to stay awake all night - we've all been there! It was only when they woke me that I reminded them of the others in the house - gently, I didn't want to spoile their special night as it was their first sleep over. There was make-up, chocolate, hair stuff and girliness in every inch of the room. You should see it today!

After a continental breakfast and the mundane task of supermarket shop to fill our fridge now we are not off to GOSH, the attention switched to Ellie. I was rather concerned as 2 parents phoned to say their girls had stomach bugs and couldn't come. I imagined them dropping like flies and a low turnout - maybe they have been eating too many Cadbury's chocolate ;-). It gor pretty hot so we opted for team games on paper like pictionary and drawing monsters and telling stories by forlding the page so no-one can see etc. It went down really well.

You may notice the absence of Hope on these pictures - she was totally crashed out on the sofa! It was a great afternoon. Well, the house is now trashed so I am mighty relieved I don't have to finish all my work and pack for GOSH tomorrow!

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Emmie said...

Wow Sarah! It sounds like both girls had a fantastic time. I think you totally deserve the title of "Cool Mum"! Hope you are not too exhausted now. I don't know where you get your energy from. Although things are so difficult you are still managing to give all three of the little ones a childhood in a million. Hope you get a bit of time to recover now before having to rush off to GOSH. Love and hugs xxxx