Monday, June 12, 2006

Walking on Tippitoes

Poor Wills is really struggling with the heat and spiking temperatures very close to our magic 38 degrees at which he has to go into hospital! His nappies are drying up but we are still waiting on the TPN company to see if they can get a stable bag of TPN with even more fluid than the extra he already has to replace his gastrostomy losses. So far, they have not been able to make the solution with extra fluid stable. He is such a sweaty little thing. Still he smiles though!!!

The really worrying thing this morning is his walking. He is walking up on his toes most of the time and wobbles and falls over all the time. This has been getting worse but neither Paul or I have wanted to voice it for fear of making another problem real! However, he now has now been referred for a physio assessment. He seems to have very tight tendons that force him on his toes and his instep is getting so high we struggle to get shoes to fit. He may need to have special little boots to correct it. The question is why though? It may be that this is another feature of a "syndrome". I would be so sad if it turned out that he has some physical disability as well as his medical symptoms. Mind you, William is one little boy who will not let anything stop him. OK, he falls over a lot but he very rarely cries and just picks himself up and gets on with it! He can go very fast on those little toes too!!!

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