Thursday, June 01, 2006

A quiet couple of days

Well, I think I am finally over the trip to Kings. I was so exhausted and achey all day yesterday and ended up in bed by 9! The girls' and I watched Bambi with our big bowl of popcorn yesterday afternoon. I have never actually seen it so it was nice to finally do do (although very sad!) We are all spending a lot of time re-reading Harry Potter at the moment. Hope, Ellie, Paul and I are all at it. I am on the last one and Paul the one before which is going to get very nasty soon as Paul spends about 3 hours a day on the train at the moment!! William enjoyed his Wiggle and Jiggle today but has had a really uncomfortable day with his tummy. His especially thick yukky aspirate is back, complete with the big "coffee granules" and he is "pooling" his output too which means it all hangs about and builds up in his system, resulting eventually in a huge, windy explosion which goes absolutely everywhere. Unfortunately, this causes loads of discomfort and pain. His tummy is hugely distended and his breath even smells so there is a lot building up today. Once he "explodes" we get a few days of constant output. I am really looking forward to him having an ileostomy now as it will make him so much more comfortable. I thought I'd never say that when the suggestion he may need one was first made. He is still smiling though - as always. When he was feeling it a bit today he looked at me and said "oh, Mummy, oh dear" with big eyes in the way children ask you to make it all better with a believe that you can. It was the first time he has done this as his language is improving. It was sweet but heartbreaking as there is noting I can do except massage him a bit and distract him with a favourite book.

Hopefully he will have a good day tomorrow because we are off to the zoo with CHASE. It is going to be a lovely day as we are having an early lunch at William's Granny's before a few hours running around at Wisley Gardens and then to Christopher's Hospice for an early tea at 4 and on to the zoo. William has never been before and, since the trip to the farm on Monday, has been animal mad. He has been looking at a picture book about a lion today and roaring at it so I think he is going to get really excited tomorrow. I only hope he stays awake as it is a special evening opening just for CHASE from 6-9! we should have some lovely pictures to put up here tomorrow night - hopefully of three excited children, not two excited girls and a sleeping toddler!

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shadow said...

I look forward to seeing the pictures! It's lovely to hear that William's speech is coming along leaps and bounds, it's so nice when they start communicating more and more. I hope he gets his ileostomy soon if it will make him more comfortable - and it will make things easier to clean up too by the sounds of it!