Saturday, June 10, 2006

Come on England!

We are just watching "The" match so thought we should share this picture of William with John Terry at Christmas last year, together with "Terry" the cuddly dog he gave William for Christmas. The Chelsea team came in with presents for the children as they are just up the road. it was very exciting for them all (well, the older ones amnyway!). Sadly, our close friends had lost their little Riley in the early hours of the morning, having just got home after nearly a year in hospital so spirits were a bit down among the gastro team and parents. Riley was to be a year old in just 3 days time on Christmas Day! Still, the arrival of the team helped us get back some Christmas spirit and when the day came we all drank a toast to "Smiley Riley!"

Anyway, the purpose of this post was not to think about this but to share with you the picture of Wills with John Terry (although, the memory of Riley will always go with the happy memories of the day). William was lucky to get the captain himself giving him his toy - although the players did seem a little overwhelmed to see a baby on so many drip pumps he needed two drip stands! It was exciting to meet the team and we are cheering them on today with the other England players. I am looking forward to showing William his autographs and pictures in the future - especially if England win this year and the names of some of those he met go down in history - come on England!!!


helen said...

hello my dear!
I emailed you about a week ago, I was a tad worried something was up because you hadnt replied.
That message was lovely, thank you!
Thats great about GOSH, Im really pleased for you!
hope to hear from you soon and love to you all
lots and lots of love
Helen and Adam
PS. Is there any possiblity of a copy of that photo?x

Anonymous said...

Hi, helen again
forgot to say happy birthday to your gorgeous girls, kisses from us
speak soon