Thursday, June 15, 2006

Little Chasers

We had a lovely time yesterday at "Little Chaser's" pre-school group at CHASE Christopher's Hospice. It was a music therapy session and William was totally captivated! He couldn't keep his eyes off the leader and smiled and smiled, joining in with the singing and playing instruments as best he could. He was most cross to be dragged out for a while to be assessed by the physio. The verdict was that he does have a tendency to walk on his toes but that could be a habit. However, he seems to have a slightly weaker left side and his tendons are a little tighter. This makes him pick up and bend his leg more on the right, resulting in a bit of a "drunken swagger" leading to lots of falls. His feet are also a bit too pointy with a big instep - more like adult than childrens feet. This would not be too much of a concern apart from the fact it is getting worse rather than better. She is writing a report to our local paediatrician and physis as it needs further investigation. Naturally, we really hope that he isn't going to have a physical disability. He is so determined though and still runs and runs, even though he swaggers into things and falls flat on his face so much at the moment. He reminds us of the song "I get knocked down, but I get up again, you'll never going to keep me down..." He falls and struggles so much more than the girls did yet only cried for a few seconds - such a little fighter!

Ellie is back tomorrow from her school journey to an activity centre. It has been very quiet as Hope has had no-one to argue with but we have missed her loads. William had a respite nurse in on Tuesday so, with Ellie away, Hope had a very rare couple of hours after school alone with Mummy! We spent the time shopping for her "girlie pampering sleep over" she is having next Friday for her birthday. It will be her first sleep over - please stay well Wills!

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