Tuesday, January 06, 2009

We are going home...

...on Thursday. I am so happy and also excited and just a teeny tiny bit nervous. I can't wait to have us all back as a family again. The discharge meeting was daunting. Everyone this end was sitting round a small table with a triangular microphone in the middle. The Chelsea and Westminter and local Croydon teams joined in on conference calls. At the start, our consultant here said he had no date in mind. Then, out of the blue and to the surprise of his colleagues as much as everyone else, he announced we were going home on Thursday!! We will be seen once a week, alternating between Birmingham and Chelsea initially so we will be back here next week. In three weeks time, he will be back in for an overnight stay for endoscopy and biopsies and this will be repeated every 3 months. This means 'special sleep' every 3 months which will not be at all appreciated by Wills! We have been told to expect emergency admissions as the first two years post transplant are vulnerable ones and problems can and do arise. We are going home though and we can take everything else in our stride. The only slight concern is that William's stoma is getting increasingly swollen and prolapsed. It is OK for now and we hope it will stay the same before pulling back in as he grows. If it gets much worse he may need another operation to re-fashion it. I am hoping this will not become necessary!

I am feeling very reflective about all that we have been through. It has been a tremendous journey and our arrival here seems an eternity ago. I want to remember everything about it and will be writing copious notes to record every detail over the next few weeks and months. I'm sure some of my musings will be shared on here. In the meantime, I am thinking about home and the things I have missed the most and am most looking forward to:

1. Is, of course, being with Hope and Ellie!!

(others, in no particular order)
  • having friends round
  • cooking
  • singing along to my i-tunes playlists outloud
  • space
  • wearing different clothes to the ones I have lived in for the last 3 months
  • my nespresso cofee machine
  • freedom, being able to go into the kitchen without waiting to be let back in again
  • being able to be spontaneous and do something else other than the books and things I have with me

I really miss being able to go to Church, go shopping and generally get out and about but they will all have to be worked around Wills for the next four months as he is unable to mix socially until six months after his transplant. I will have to be inventive and think of lots of ways to entertain (healthy) visitors at home so do let me know if you are planning to be in the Croydon area any time in the next few months.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news.

Aunty P said...

HURRAY ! Brilliant news, I'm so pleased for you all. I will look forward to catching up with you on your visits back to Brum.
much love and hugs to William
Aunty Pxxx

Richard Weir said...

Wonderful happy news, even if a bit startling! Keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth and snake-free discharge.


suzie said...

Sarah this is brilliant news, I'm so very happy to hear that you'll all be in your own house together.

Praise God for answered prayers.

Much love always.

Becky said...

That's so great to hear! I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible for you all - you all definitley deserve it. Lots of love, Becky xx

Vickie said...

Hope it all goes as smoothly as possible.

Rebecca said...

Wooo hooo!!!!!!

What fabulous news!!!

I can't believe you're actually going to be going home in just TWO days!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

William must be so excited, and so must you be!

Hope that your transition to home life is smooth and that you can relax back into being at home.

So happy for you hunny!


Becky, Seren & Dylan xxx

Tinypoppet said...

writing "visit Wills" on my To Do list as we speak! Will be in touch :) xxx

Jac said...

Wow! Great news! It will be strange settling back home...but oh so lovely :-)


Katie H said...

Wow, what fantastic news, I'm so so happy for your all!

diddyangel said...

Fantastic news so happy for you xxxx

Anonymous said...

Emma x

Molly said...

That's brilliant news Sarah. You'll be home tomorrow :D
Moll x x

meme said...

That is fantastic news.Keeping you all in our thoughts.I bet Hope and Ellie are excited.
Love Maria

Sarah's mum said...

We shall be sorting out the girls room and packing their things over the weekend. Wish me luck!!!!
How to get nearly 4 months of clothes, Christmas`presents, toiletries, make-up, hair straighteners,driers, etc etc etc into the car along with dad's crutches will be a real challenge! A bit like getting you home from uni!
We are`all very excited and hoping you stay on that ladder and avoid the snakes. See you soon,
Lots of love, Mum xxxxx

Sue said...

Such fantastic news. Look forward to seeing you all next week love Sue xx

daisymama said...

If the girls want to do the siblings day on the 17th Andy could pick up and drop off - I know Xan would love a reunion with Ellie (we have progressed to Camp Rock now). Congrats on seeing light at the end of the tunnel - Wills success keeps us going here! Steph xxx

jessica said...

Brilliant! I hope that the packing and move home goes smoothly, and that you have a happy time settling in :o)
Safe journeys,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news that William is going home!!!! good luck and hope to see you on your visits to Chelsea.