Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back up the M6!

We are going back to Birmingham tomorrow (as long as there is a bed!). William has been consistently showing signs of rejection since Friday and so it is time to get some biopsies and see what is going on. This is another worrying time but very much something to expect from time to time, especially with bowel transplants as they seem to carry higher risks of rejection. We have to wait until Friday for the biopsies and should have some results by the end of the day so it will be another tense couple of days.

We will be closely monitoring William's blood sugar while he is away as his levels have been on the high side. At the moment, he has 'glucose tolerance impairment' - not 'yet' diabetes but it looks like he will need to be started on some insulin injections. This may be a transient thing or may be the beginning of diabetes bought on by his anti-rejection medication. He is being such a good and brave boy while we prick him to test his blood six times a day and every four hours over night. We were due to start insulin tomorrow but, given that we will then be in the back of an ambulance on the M6, we all agreed it is not the most sensible timing! His sugars are not dangerously high so a few days longer will be OK. They will either sort it in Birmingham or we will be back here in Chelsea after sorting out his bowel up there. We still have a bit of a way to go before we are back home with the girls again. Wills is great in himself though - the best he has been in a long time.


Molly said...

I'm sorry you're on your way back to Birmingham again, but that's definitely the best place for Wills to be with suspected rejection. I hope the next few days waiting for the biopsies aren't too bad.

I'm glad Wills is feeling good in himself though, and it sounds like he's being very brave with all the finger pricks.

Thanks for updating.
I hope it won't be too long til you get home.
Moll x x

Tracy said...

oh my goodness Sarah, sending you and Wills big (((hugs))). I hope all goes well at Birmingham, will be thinking of you both. xxx

Sarah's Mum said...

Hope all goes well and that you and our gorgeous grandaughters can be together very soon. We shall certainly miss them after all this time. The girls have been so good and so brave -- a credit to you. They have loved all the post from post pals so thanks to you all.
Keep smiling Wills. Big hugs from Grandma and Grandad. Try and rest when you can sarah. Lots of love and prayers. Mum and dad xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that your going back to Birmingham but that will be the best place for will's and they can treat whatever is happening. Hopefuly no rejection.

Thinking of you
Thanks for updating,
Lovee Emma x

Aunty P said...

The one good thing about coming back to Birmingham is that I can visit! Let me know once you settled in and I'll be in to see you. Glad William is feeling more himself - always a good sign.
Lots of love