Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update before a break

Quick update today as I am off for a night away from the hospital this evening with the lovely 'LB' and 'V' from Fetch.

William's stoma poured yesterday and this morning so he ended up back on IV fluids this morning. He will start on another drug today to try and slow it down. His blood sugars are settling but the diabetic team came to review him today and increased his insulin by a unit (while I was out buying him a baby doll to stop him playing with the rather mucky one he found in the corridor and adopted!).

William is bored and fed up as he is very well in himself. I have a room in the hotel from tonight though. My name had not been added on the list so it took a while to get. William sleeps till 8 at the moment and, with the nurses doing his morning meds, I am looking forward to enjoying the treat of sleeping at the hotel and having some 'me time' before we get home. I am hoping that will not be too much longer so we can all be together again. Mum and Dad have done a sterling job in taking care of the girls with their winter viruses and emotional ups and downs through the last few months but I do miss them and wish I was with them through all of this myself. You do miss so much of the siblings' years that can't be re-created when all has calmed down for the 'sick' child.


Becky said...

I hope you can enjoy some you time, you definintley deserve it.

If I want to send a card, what address should I send it to?

Becky xxx

Anonymous said...

I hope you too enjoy some 'you' time and enjoy some much needed sleep.

Hope that its not to long before you get home now and see your girls again

Love and hugs,
Emma xxx

Anonymous said...

I hope that you have a good evening out to relax a little and get some blissful sleep in your new room!
Wishing you and William a good weekend,

suzie said...

Hiya Sarah,
I hope you enjoyed your 'me time', a break must have been nice, but it's still not home is it. I think about you and William lots and the surreal world you've been living in. Without wanting to sound patronising, I admire your 'face it head on' attitude whenever anything new comes up.

Hoping and praying that I'll soon be reading you are all together at home.

Loads of love, always.