Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Up and Running

William has finally finished his antibiotics and we are slowly getting on top of his fluid balance. He had a bit of a dip in his blood count yesterday so had a transfusion of red cells. He is lovely and pink now and, as you can see, full of energy. We are hoping to get his fluids and electrolytes stabilised and home at the beginning of next week. We are keeping everything crossed that he doesn't get any more infections in the mean time.


Aunty P said...

Great to see William up and about - and yes he does look pink. Loved the photos of him with the balloon - I think they sum up Robyn's Rainbows perfectly.
Keep smiling
Lots of love

andrea garner said...

Hi Im not sure what to say, I really hope William gets a donor,soon he deserves a second chance he has his whole life to live, my dad passed away a fortnight ago and he donated his organs. Its hard when someone you love has died, to let go, but when you read about people like yourselves and many others you realise its the best thing we as a family could of decided. I no that my dad has helped someone else and is still in his own right living on. I really hope that somthing comes up for you and your son William. Im sorry if i have waffeled on but its nice to talk to someone about it thank you