Monday, October 20, 2008

Time for a cuddle

William has had a horrible weekend with peripheral cannulas (small plastic tubes) supplying his fluid whilst his Hickman Line is out. The amount of potassium and the antibiotics he needs are very tough on the veins and it has been very painful for him. His new line should be in tomorrow morning.

The main reason for this blog was to share these lovely pictures.

You never know what you will see out of your window. These guys cheered us up this morning!



Leon said...

Fabulous pictures, Sarah. It isn't it great how someone can bring a bit of 'light' into your day, probably without even realising it :o)

vikki said...

I think you must have the most interesting window as far as hospital windows go (Saying that a friends used to over look a courtyard with rare birds in, one day a whole load of bird watchers complete with binocolures found their way onto the ward trying to catch a glimps of these birds!). Anyway I wanted to sign to say how gorgous those photos are!

helen said...

Its getting to that time of year again Sarah!

But I do love to see how Wills is getting on.....and the pic of the guys at chelsea cheered me up (I havent been to bed yet for some unknown reason)

I miss you guys!
We'll have to arrange something for next month

Love to the girls too