Monday, October 06, 2008

It's a small miracle I'm blogging today at all...

I left William (or Wilz as he has decided to be called from now on. Wth the help of a set of magnetic letters he decided that looked pretty good!) for five minutes to pop to the loo. We then went out for a look round the bookshop. I came back, frazzled after the biggest of toddler paddies at leaving the shop before Wilz had had the chance to be read the WHOLE series of Thomas books. What was waiting us in the sink? My portable modem directly under the incessantly dripping tap! William had been 'washing it'!!! After being more than just a little cross, I pulled out the sim card and left it to dry. Later in the evening William had a set of IVs. The nurse put the tray on top of the sim card and when I went to get it to test out the had gone! What was the odds of finding it at the bottom of the clinical waste? I hadn't realised how cut off I would have felt without my internet, even for just a day or two whilst I waited for a new modem and/or card.

William and I have been a bit fragile with each other this afternoon. We have spent five days technically in a box with William attached to a pole twenty four hours a day. Wills tends to lash out when he is fed up as he can't run away. We had to have big words about punching and saying 'go away, I don't like you'. He went to sleep this evening contemplating what would happen if I did go before a little voice squeaked "Please don't go Mummy" This was followed by very long cuddles. He is one tired and fed up little boy. Thankfully, we were told today he is no longer in isolation and the pair of us were like a stretched elastic band that was just let off! We are still in our cubicle as there are no double bay beds to put us and Wills can't go out on the main bays. So, for now, best of both worlds for us. We have our own space but he can go to school. Even better news is that we should be home at the end of this week or beginning of next - as long as William stays well and maintains fluid balance on his normal TPN regime. Fingers crossed!!!

Thanks for all the comments on Saturday's blog. Social interaction in this kind of environment is a fascinating subject and one I will revisit.


Anonymous said...

Poor you! What a day! Understandable under the circumstances. Pity about the modem. Not a good few days for technology in the Milne family!
Ellie fine and looking forward to her school trip as an evacuee. Have '40's outfit including a home-made gas mask case for her. Wish me luck plating the hair--I'm out of practice!
Lots of love to you both, Mum xxx

Holly said...

Hi Sarah

I just started reading your blog and am blown away by your courage and what you have been through. William is an absolutely gorgeous little boy and my fingers and toes are crossed that he gets his call soon. I have been waiting for a kidney for almost 5 years and by complete miracle one of my friends came forward and is a match - the op is going ahead next week! so miracles do happen!

I also really love your photography blog, what a great idea! I am a freelance photographer on the side ( and was also really inspired by the Transplant exhibition, which I saw online. But your photos have also inspired me and I'm going to take my camera in to the hospital and take photos whilst I am there!

Anyway take care, and best of luck. I shall look forward to reading about William's transplant on your blog. I'm sure it's not long now.
Holly xxx

Holly said...

ps. Check out my blog