Saturday, October 18, 2008

Line Out

William had his line out today. It was a tricky procedure as it didn't come easily. The surgeons were none too keen to take it out as IV access is becoming a problem for Wills. Once again, I was reminded how badly he needs his transplant. There is another little girl in here at the moment who is waiting for a liver and bowel transplant. Her parents have been told that she needs it urgently as well. Both children need it right now really, as I expect to most of the children on the liver and/or bowel list, given that it is a last resort option with bowel transplants still relatively new and complicated. It is a worrying and stressful time for us all. I think things will feel a lot better once we get home. It is a vacuum in hospitals and things feel a lot more intense.

I have put some more images up on the arty-farty blog


Aunty P said...

Hi Sarah
sending you both big hugs and hoping you get home soon.

Post Pals said...

Hoping Williams new line placement goes well and they are able to find a new spot of access without too much hassle.


Vikki from Post Pals (which finally has a blog)