Friday, October 10, 2008


We didn't go home yesterday. William's blood numbers are not too great. There are suggestive that he is not yet fully over his infection or may be brewing another, in fact he has spiked a bit of a temperature today and is now on another antibiotic just in case...we will know if he has a new bug tomorrow. He is also dehydrated and is back on 24 hour TPN with an extra 500 mls fluid - making over 4 litres a day! It looks like he will have to stay on at least 22 hours TPN from now on. Ideally, he needs 24 but the liver needs a break from processing it. Even going up to 22 will threaten the liver more than a shorter period on TPN. Hopefully, this will not be for too long and we will get that call. For now, Wills still has a bit of a battle ahead to get over this infection completely and get control of his fluid and electrylyte balance before we can go home.

I miss Hope and Ellie so much. So much goes on in their lives without me and we all miss out on sharing our lives. William is unwell more and more of the time and it is taking us longer and longer to get him well again each time. This is all getting so much harder to deal with but we all just need to keep strong and hang on in there. We will get that call one day. Our precious donor will not just be giving life back to William life. In so many ways they will be giving life back Hope, Ellie and I as well.

I have put some more images up on the exploration blog. I think they do a good job in reflecting how I am feeling right now.


Anonymous said...

Miss you too Mummy. Hugs and kisses from Ellie xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

keep writing and the photos look great too - that creative side is really developing well. Love to you, wilz and the family. thinking of you and praying for you all.
Ruth xxx