Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yellow (and red and green and brown and scarlet and black...) Oh and a ball!

We had William's blood results today - his bilirubin levels have doubled in the last week He is noticably yellow now, especially in his eyes. I knew this would happen but I didn't want him to go yellow Come on Birmingham!! We have a liver ultrasound on Thursday and clinic on Friday so I will know a bit more about what is going on. He is relatively well and happy - just yellow! The pictures show some of the fun the children have had over the last few weeks, in the sunshine - especially in our lovely new garden.

I have a great weekend coming up so hope to put all this behind me. Via the hospice, The Really Company' have donated tickets for Hope, Ellie and me to see Joseph on Friday. We have stall tickets so will be close to the action. The hospice were hoping to get us in to meet Lee Mead but his management are saying he is too overwhelmed with requests. I am a bit disapointed for them. Ellie loves Lee. We watched 'Any Dream Will Do' together and made sure William's treatment was over in time for us to sit down and have some girlie time together. When William was in hospital, we would phone each other afterwards and discuss how everyone was doing. Ellie associates this with me and listens to Joseph and Lee's album when we are apart when Wills is in hospital. She has them on to sleep and whenever she is missing me. It would have made her little life so far to meet him He does come out of the theatre at the end of the show but there are crowds there then. However, being the determined little thing I am, I have emailed his agent to ask if he could say a special hello to them when he comes out. I have also emailed Denise Van Outen, via Capital Radio. Of course, she will probably not even get the mail as I am sure her producer gets mail addressed to her but you never know, if she gets it, perhaps she can use her girlfriend charm to ask Lee to say hello to Hope and Ellie when he pops his head out of the theatre at the end of the show. Just a simple 'Ah, you must be Hope and Ellie. I heard you were coming, did you enjoy the show' would be enough to make them very very happy! The girl from the hospice said it is easier to arrange 'meet and greets' for the sick children themselves but siblings need and deserve these special treats just as much - if not more! In any case, we will have a special night.

Wills is at the hospice for the weekend with Granny. Hope and Ellie have a sibling day on Saturday and then will be off the hospice too leaving me free to go to a ball It is a Paul for Chelsea and Westminster paediatric surgery. We need an extra theatre. Paul is singing at it. We haven't been out together since I had Wills - nearly 4 years ago!! I am looking forward to that very very much.


Anonymous said...

There may be possibilities of a word with Lee. You could try the stage door before the show or have a word with the ushers at the front of the theatre. explain your situation and they will try and help you.

Have a look at this Lee fan site, there may be some useful suggestions on there plus if any of the 'Loppies' are there on Friday they will try to help you.

I know how special these Joseph/Lee Mummy moments are!

God bless William, I wish you all the best for the future.
Good luck with your future

Sarah Milne said...

Thanks, I have visited the site (great site!!) and left a message on the boards to see if anyone has any ideas.
What is the difference between a 'Lovelee and a 'Loopy'?

Anonymous said...

They are both Lee fan sites.

The other site is -

Glad that you found the Loppies, it's a great place to be and will be a nice place for your girls to visit for Lee pics etc.

Just along from the theatre is TGI Friday's which may be a fun place to eat and has great kids menus.

Hope that it works out for you, I just know that you'll have a fab time!

Marieke said...

I hope the three of you have a wonderful wonderful time on Friday! The show's brilliant, so no doubt you'll enjoy it very much! I really hope Ellie and Hope get some time with Lee, fingers crossed you'll get to meet him at the stage door!

All the best for all of you :-)

(And just to complete the list, this is the home of the dotorg lovelees: http://www.leemead.org.uk/index.php :-) )

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
Lovely photos. Good luck for Thursday and Friday and enjoy Joseph.
Lots of love,
Mum xxxx