Thursday, July 17, 2008

Proud Mum

I am a very proud Mum today. Both Hope and Ellie have bought home excellent school reports. Hope has earned a Certificate of Achievement, Head of Year and Head Master's commendation for her first year at secondary school. She came way above average in all but one exam (which was maths afterall!). All this in a year where she had to adjust to secondary school with so much uncertainty at home. The girls missed 20% of the school year when they were in Stoke-on-Trent while William was in hospital and had a further 3 months with Mum and Dad staying in our home while we were in hospital. In the last school year, William and I have only been home two whole months. We have had 6 whole months in hospital and the rest were a mixture of hospital and home. It has been quite a year and yet both girls have done so so well at school! I am so proud of them. They will be having big treats to celebrate. (Ellie has requested another trip to Joseph - well several actually, one for this celebration, one for her birthday and again for Christmas!!) It won't be another trip to Joseph just yet but we will certainly do something.

From now on, they will always be in Stoke-on-Trent while we are in hospital. Ellie has dual school registration. We are still working out what is best for Hope as being thrown into a large comprehensive school while your brother is sick and everyone is worried would be the last thing she needs. With the transplant assessment in August, next term is unlikely to be anything like settled. I worry about the impact things have on their education. I am lucky that they are such bright girls and work hard when to keep up when they do have to be out of school. At least we will have a more structured se of contingency plans next year. If William goes on the transplant list we will all have to be ready to drop everything and uproot for 3 months. Hope has a fantastic group of friends who have stuck by her and supported her throughout the year. Ellie just makes friends wherever she goes. We are very very lucky.


Mum said...

Very proud grandparents too! Well done Hope and Ellie.
Lots of love, Grandma and Grandad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Toria said...

Even though I haven't been following your families story for long I couldn't help but be moved and insanely proud of your girls when I read this, it is utterly fantastic, what a truly amazing pair.

I think it is always so hard for the siblings of a sick child as no matter how much everyone tries it just isn't possible to give them the same attention. It is only now I have my own son that I realize how different my childhood was to a normal persons (I have Cystic Fibrosis) I find it utterly alien that he doesn't have to go to hospital all the time or do physio despite having a healthy brother and sister I still grew up in such a bubble.

I have total confidence that your gorgeous girls will continue to do this well, they sound incredibly strong, resilient, understanding and compassionate. You should be a very proud mummy indeed :o)

Lots of love to you all

Toria xxxx