Thursday, July 10, 2008

Has William thrown a spanner in the works???

Well, we are all set for a lovely weekend. Ellie is sooooo excited about Joseph tommorow and quite beside herself with any idea that she could possibly bump into Lee Mead at the stage door or the 'scrum' as we have come to know as the autograph signing frenzy after the show. She has made him a card and is busy writing a letter to stick in it - I have never seen her write so neatly! I am ready for the ball, I have my dress, my bling, shoes and even my VPL free undies. I will be able to do my own star spotting as there are rumours of some celeb attendance, and even stronger rumours of others - watch this space!

William is packed and ready to go to the hospice with his lovely CHASE nurse tomorrow. Granny is staying there with him so the girls and I can enjoy tomorrow and the girls are going on after the sibling day on Saturday so Paul and I can enjoy the ball. It is the first time we have had him there so we can all do our own thing a bit and I'm sure it will do us all good. I will miss him heaps on Saturday but will be there Sunday morning.

The only question is - will it all happen???

We had a liver ultrasound today and it showed that William has gall stones, caused by the huge amounts of bile he produces crystallising. William's intestines don't move properly so it can sit around a while. That would be bad enough and perhaps something to sort out in the near future. However, William's bilirubin levels are increasing in each weekly set of bloods. He is now a little yellow and doesn't seem all that well (although not in the way that makes us rush to hospital in fear of a life threatening line infection). He is having intermittent pain and his urine has been very dark for a few weeks. This suggests that one of the stones has blocked a bile duct, a much more urgent situation.

We have clinic tomorrow and I wonder if we will be coming home or staying in! I hope we can go home and come back in next week. If the worse comes to the worse though we will still see Joseph and go to the ball as both are in London and pretty close by the hospital. One thing is for certain, with this and the transplant assessment coming up, we are going to have another hospital dominated summer! All the more reason to do my very best to make sure the girls have a really fab evening tomorrow - even if it means a fruitless wait outside a stage door in the rain!!! Remember a similar situation Mum? Nik Kershaw on a dark, wet and foggy evening!!! I wasn't lucky enough to get a glimpse or an autograph at that stage door vigil but did get a personal one, thanks to a next door neighbour, a few weeks later. I will remember that if we are unlucky tomorrow and tell Ellie that she may get lucky another time.

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