Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Clinic report

Took Wills to clinic this afternoon. It really was one of those afternoons...clinic ran 2 hours late and then we arrived at Fulham Broadway to find the District Line suspended between Putney Bridge and Wimbledon due to fire - that was exactly where we needed to go!! We had to get a bus to Victoria and then I had to pay out for a train ticket. Don't you just hate that!! You just want to get home. I wanted to cry, I really did!!!

Clinic was OKish - nothing more or less that I was expecting. William's liver blood results have gone up a fair bit. They increased the number of days he has fat in his TPN from 3 to 4 as he wasn't growing very well. He has grown back up to his centile which is great but his liver doesn't seem to be coping with the extra. He is having another liver ultrasound in a couple of weeks and we will keep monitoring his liver blood tests. We are currently going to clinic every 2 weeks and will continue to do so for the time being - I have requested that we go back to Friday mornings as at least I can drop the girls to school, rush to clinic and be home to pick them up. I was expecting to be home by 4.30 ish and was home at 6.30! You can't push your luck (not that delayed clinics and travel chaos are my fault) when you rely so heavily on favours from people.

Apparently, our consultant had an email from Birmingham to say we have a slot for William's transplant assessment 'very soon'. She didn't tell me when but said we should be getting a letter very soon. She is still going to tell them about William's liver issues so it may be hurried up even more. Somehow, I don't think we are going to get a huge amount of notice.


Rebecca said...

Sending you and William big hugs hunny, hope that when the transplant assessment comes through, it will go smoothly for you both.

You and William are always in my prayers.

Becky xxx

vikki said...

Hello Susan sent me a link to your blog as I run Post Pals and we help childrne going through serious illnesses.

I thought I would sign to say a quick "Hello"

Lots of love