Monday, July 03, 2006

Sweltering in the heat!

Wow, isn't it hot! Poor Wills has been struggling today and went a worrying shade of pale with a blue tinge and very dark rings around his eyes towards bed time! We kept an eye on him and put it down to heat and dehydration. Following discussion with the gastro nurse, he is back on 20 hours of TPN with only a 4 hour break. This will just be for the duration of the heat wave a s6 hours running around with no fluid really is a bit much to ask. The girls came home hot from school and Paul and I have been very tetchy with each other! (this was unfortunate as Paul's Mum was with us this afternoon).

Thanks to vehicle cutters and a fire engine that pumps soft stuff, William will now touch play dough - a major triumph! We played with them and did some sticking. This was great because we really needed to keep him still and calm today.

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