Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Escape to the zoo!!!

Well, Paul is still in hospital and making very slow progress with physiotherapy. At least he has started rehab now but it is painfully slow as he is still getting very dizzy when he puts his legs down. We are hoping he will be home by the end of next week once he gets going though. I will have to move his "mechano leg" on and off the bed and sofa though, not to mention clean pins and push skin back off them - lovely! He has told me he will take me to Prague at the end of all this and I am going to well and truely hold him to it!!!

Meanwhile, Wills and I escaped to Whipsnade Zoo on Saturday with our very good friends Helen and Adam. It was a great day and we saw loads of animals and I had a really good laugh with them - something I badly needed! If you read this, thanks guys - it was just what the doctor ordered..."exciting"! We did get the down pour and had to resort to the fashioned plastic bags available in gift shops in zoos etc. I won't put a picture of that on as I was not caught on camera and I won't embarass Adam and Helen but here are some pics of us all having fun...

William loved the elephants, bears, penguins, tigers, giraffes... he also loved watching the sealion show, even though it was raining. He was nice and snug and comfy in his new buggy. This one has padding and supports especially to suit him and so helps him to sit nice and straight. He loves it in there but we are not having much luck with the glasses. He hates having them on, I think the sudden detail to the world is all a bit overwhelming!

We have gastro clinic on Friday and will discuss how the latest developments and diagnosis will impact the next stage in his treatment etc. It has been a hard couple of weeks dealing with all this without Paul around, and having to fit in visiting him and coping with the accident etc. Hopefully, things will pick up soon and we can start to put everything back together again. At least the girls will be home at the weekend and we have Ellie and William's birthdays to look forward to. Ellie has ordered Mummy's chilli con carne for her birthday tea, even though she was offered a take away. It is nice to know they miss Mummy's cooking that much!

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