Thursday, July 20, 2006

At last an update and pics of Wills in specs!

Well, it has been a while before I have felt the emotional and physical energy to post on here. There really wasn't any reserve to cope with Paul's accident and the last week has passed in a bit of a blur. Wills and I headed off the the Chase Hospice for a bit of rest and a battery charge. William finally got to go swimming!

Paul is heaps better now but his leg is badly broken so he has an "external fixater" i.e. a metal frame with screws into his bone. This will stay on for the next 3 months. He had his leg cut open to prevent the swelling damage his nerves. The most frustrating thing has been that the operation to close this cut with skin grafts has been cancelled every day this week since Monday. Physio can not begin until this has been done. It was finally done today and his orthopedic surgeon reckons he will be home in a week or so - I very much doubt this as it is about to be the weekend when hospitals notoriously go slow so real physio won't start until Monday. I should think he will be home by the middle of the week after next - just missing William's birthday! The really annoying thing is that he would probably have been home next week, in time for William's birthday, had they not cancelled his op every day! He has been nil by mouth each day waiting for it so they have been starving him for a week!

Meanwhile, it has been a very busy week for William. Following last week's breakthrough in diagnosis, we have been coming to terms with his current "disabilities" and getting the right equipment and services sorted out. He now has his glasses and looks very cute and studious...

He also has a bigger buggy with strong foot supports and supports added by the occupational therapist at the sides and behind him to prevent him slumping. This will last him until about 10 should he need it. We are borrowing a special little chair with foot supports and a play tray to support him while he plays. These both enable him to interact comfortably without feeling unsupported and needing to keep one hand in "guard position" to steady himself. We are waiting for our own chair and also for some special "Piedro boots" that will offer support, together with an insert moulded to the curve in his feet to help his stability. We have been taught activities to help him to develop in some of the areas he is struggling in at the moment. We will wait and see how things go now. Of course, we are still waiting to go to GOSH, although I am hoping that the general picture will answer enought questions to enable them to leave this admission until Paul is no longer a bionic man and I can focus fully on Wills again. After all, I will have to look after the pair of them for a while as Paul will be unable to do very much with that heavy contraption on! At least he will be able to read stories and play with William. William is lucky he still has a Daddy at all!

Meanwhile, Hope and Ellie are staying with Grandma and Grandad. This is hard as I really miss them. We have had a crisis every summer for the last 3 years and I miss just having a normal summer holiday and taking them places. They are coming back for the weekend next week to celerat Ellie and William's birthdays so at least we will be together then! I know they will be reading this so hello girls - look forward to seeing you in 9 sleeps...


Anonymous said...
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Shadow said...

Oh, how absolutely gorgeous William looks in his specs!!!
So glad to hear that Paul is making a good recovery, even if the physio is being delayed - he'll get there soon!
Sounds as if things are coming along with William too, with regards to getting a better quality of life finally. He's a little sweetie, such a cheerful chap! Looks like he enjoyed the swim, I hope you enjoyed some peace and got a rest at CHASE too Sarah.
Love and hugs to all.