Saturday, July 08, 2006

Off to our local hospital!

This is a very quick post as we are just packing to go to our local hospital for tests. William had a sleep study last night and his oxygen sats dropped several time to about 60%! His baseline was only low 90s so this is a huge dissapointment. We are off to our local now for a heart echo, bloods and chest x-ray to see if there is anything nasty going on - all very worrying (although, apart from the odd blue-tinged moment, and being a bit more tired than usual, Wills looks absolutely fine!


Shadow said...

I hope everything goes well and nothing suspicious is found. William will be up to speed again in no time, I'm sure.
Thinking of you all.
Hugs. xxxxxxxxx

diddyangel said...

Thinking of you, you are in my thoughts and prayers hon