Sunday, July 02, 2006

Our weekend in France...

...Ok, so not really - that would have taken months of organising. Instead we created our own weekend in home! Thanks to the French market that arrived in Croydon this week.

(I do have to admit - I can't take credit for these pics - found them on a website about same market in Woking ;-) )

Following Paul and I having a most chilled couple of hours at Borough Market, the children and I decided to go one better and take a "journey to France". Hope had a phrase book and bought everything in French, much to the delight of the stall holders. We bought bread, sausage, cheese, tomatoes, strawberries, french sweets, spices, olives and chocolate brioche (sp?). We came home for a french buffet (with a glass of wine for Mummy!) in the blazing sun and pretended we were in a cafe the Loire Valley (after a holiday a few years ago). We then pretended we were playing, watching the football and eating dinner in our cottage. This morning, we had chocolate brioche and milk or coffee in the garden for breakfast, again pretending we were in our cottage. After another french buffet for lunch, we made strawberry sorbet. We are still well stocked so we can keep our imaginations going a bit longer if we feel like some escape! Fantastic - a mediteranian weekend with TPN and not straying too far in case of the elusive call from GOSH! I'm sure to many, it would seem that life has dealt us a bad card, and it is certainly a tough one. However, it has made us more creative and adaptable. Where shall we go next weekend?

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diddyangel said...

Lovely to hear you've had a "weekend away!!"
I love the Olives when the french Market comes to Chelmsford - I send Ed to stock up!! ;)
Hope to catch up soon xxxxx