Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wiggle and Jiggle and Splish Splash Splosh!

Well, after a bit of an anxious evening, neither Paul or I wanted to check the morning nappy for fear of what we might find. Paul eventally wondered in (I have a huge fear of finding emergencies and must admit to passing William to Paul and being the one to get help when he was in respiritory arrest with septic shock!). Apart from yellow liquid absolutely everywhere in a most spectacular morning explosions all was normal. We had a few bloody streaks and some discomfort during the morning but not so much as to be more of a worry than something that needs to be discussed at tomorrow's clinic appointment. The nurse specialist called make sure all was OK but we were able to leave it to tomorrow to sort out.

To celebrate maintaining our freedom we had an action packed day. I took William to "Wiggle and Jiggle" a song and action session for toddlers at the library. He absolutely loved it and joined in so much. I was amazed how quickly he picked things up. He knows every action to his favourites, the wheels on the bus, wind the bobbin up and all 5 versus of row your boat. He was so good at staying on the carpet and joining in.

The sun was out at last and when Paul arrived home from a rehearsal in the afternoon, he decided to get out the little paddling pool (filled with buckets) and road test the dry suit at last! William hasn't been in anything more than an inch of water since September and has never yet been swimming so at first he was a little apprehensive. He soon relaxed and really started to enjoy himself. It was lovely to see him in there. He could splash and splash without the fear that it would wet his dressing too much. He had such a great time. Now he will be able to go swimming and paddle in the sea and really enjoy the water rather then have me quickly take him out of the bath the minute he starts to enjoy it. Thanks so much to REACT for buying this for us. I can't wait to take him into the pool at the hospice next weekend.


Hmm, guess who? Yep, me again, Shadow said...

Well done William, for staying out of hospital again!! Good luck with the swimming, I bet he loves it. Keep up the fabulously good job you guys are doing.

Tinypoppet said...

So glad that everything is OK Sarah, and what gorgeous pics of William splashing about having a fabulous time! I have been resting today to recover from huge amounts of talking ;) Had a really great time, lots of love xxx